Sunday, 29 November 2009

Incoco - First attempt

Well I have to say that they weren't as easy as I thought they would be but they also weren't as difficult as I had expected. I was actually quite nervous to put these on as they are a fairly expensive waste of money if you muck it up. I am very very clumsy!
I decided to start with my least fav colour of the 3 Sweet Kiss and my room must have been a little to warm because they were quite floppy having said that though they were quite straight forward and 20 minutes later I had a full set of beautifully polished nails. Some are a little wonky and a bit stretched but having no drying time and being good to go straight away is absolute WIN!
Now just to see how they last they say two weeks, will I get through one?


  1. I hadn't heard of these! They look really good! How much was the kit? x

  2. £5.99 for one set bit pricey but they do hold up, showing a bit of tip wear now but no chips. Also great it you really don't have time to wait for nails to dry or want to do them on the move.