Sunday, 27 June 2010

Red lipstick Series - Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in 72 Coromandel

Hello everyone, it's hot, so very very hot! I have literally lazed around all day huffing and sweating so tonight I thought I would bring you something a little bit special in the red lippy series. Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in 72 Coromandel. I would never have purchased this normally but more on that later.

Colour (4.5/5)
An orange/gold tone fire red and I love it. It is too intense to be anywhere near a coral shade most definitely red though not orange and the shine is just amazing! Also for something so orange toned it actually makes my teeth look pretty white which is odd I always thought it was meant to be the other way around.

Application (5/5)
This straddles the gap between gloss and lipstick I like to think of it as a liquid lipstick because it is so heavily pigmented there is no way it could ever be a gloss. What makes it gloss like is the fact you apply it with a little fuzzy doe foot applicator which makes application so precise there is no way you can mess up. No brush work required with this it just glides on ad normally I don't even bother to line my lips before this one you just don't need to. You get a very intense coverage straight away and it is so handy for touch ups on the move.

Ronseal factor (4.5/5)
Discover the pure indulgence of liquid lip lacquer, a colour innovation that could only come from CHANEL. Intensely rich colour and shine last for hours -- and the temptingly creamy formula conditions as it hydrates lips. All this, with full coverage, in eight stunning shades.
Intensely rich colour and shine - yes. Lasts for hours - yes. Creamy formula - yes. Conditions and hydrates lips - meh, you see this is where it looses half a point for me after a day of wear with this my lips are a bit dry but more on that later. Full coverage - yes.

Wear (5/5)
This really does go all day and I think this is why it is drying my lips because I am just not re applying it enough. You don't need to it goes on glossy and a little wet/slippy then it kinda sets and just stays there your lips feel great and the colour always looks fresh.

Price (2.5/5)
I've gone right down the middle with the score on this one and here's why. It's £23, yes you heard me right £23 that's so excessive that I could never bring myself to ever ever spend that on a lip product. This one I picked up on a random sale self in Boots and paid £10 for it which in my books is still pretty high up there. What can I say though it's a luxe product with a luxe price tag and if you can afford that kind of thing it is more than worth it.

Packaging (4/5)
Beautiful, sleek, black, classic and everything you would expect from Chanel. I love pulling this out of my handbag as it is a really classy product the only fault I have with it is that it gets a little messy. the opening on the actual tube could be a little tighter as you get too much product on the applicator and you can't scrape it back into the tube it just goes everywhere. Nothing a bit of tissue wouldn't sort out but at £23 a pop I hate to be wasting product.

How it left the lips (3/5)
It comes off pretty easily with no skin staining and only left the lips a little dry.

Overall 28.5 out of 35 - kinda figures really if anyone is going to do an awesome red lippy it's going to be Chanel. If you can afford to pick one of these up then do they do 8 shades and I would love to test some of the others to see if they are just as good.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

6 products that are not for me - video number 2

OK OK so I say erm a lot, I know. Hope you enjoy vid number 2 oh god and how big is my double
chin, yikes!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Red lipstick Series - Natural Collection Moisture Shine Cherry Red

Tonights red lippy is one from Boots namely their Natural Collection. It is one of their Moisture Shine lipsticks in Cherry Red

Colour (4/5)
This is a Cherry Red in the truest sense. Its punchy and pinky toned and like the Revlon very easy to wear. This one never fails to make me think of Katy Perry it is quite cheeky and kooky and I always feel happy wearing it.

Application (4/5)
Due to the shape of the actual lipstick this is very very easy to apply precisely so there is minimal brush work required. It really melts on to the lips giving a full coverage very quickly without feeling like you are wearing a lot of product.

Ronseal Factor (4/5)
"high shine lipstick that gently moisturises the lips."
The only reason this loses a point is that it is not as shiny as it could be but yes it moisturises and feels great on.

Wear (3/5)
Even though this doesn't last as long as I would like it still scores quite highly because it fades really nicely and reapplied well.

Price (5/5)
This costs £1.95..... yes you heard me £1.95!!!

Packaging (1/5)

Ultra cheap plastic tube, no frills here but did I mention it was £1.95. The only thing is it is white but I can't decide if that is quite a nice change from the norm or just makes it look cheaper.

How it left the lips (4/5)
this really does moisturise I wouldn't go as far as to say it would be as good as a lip balm but it certainly doesn't leave them any worse. It also removes really easily and doesn't leave you with that smacked in the kisser look.

Overall 25/35 who'd a thunk it for a £1.95 but I really really love this so Boots please put this in some pretty packaging and i'll pay a fiver for it

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Red lipstick Series - Revlon Matte 006 Really Red

Next in my series on red lips is the Revlon Matte in 006 Really Red.

Colour (3/5)
Despite this being called "Really Red" it does have a subtle hint of orange to it. To me it is a very vintage colour and the matte finish lends to that. It is a very easy colour to wear and is far less vampy for the summer months more of a pin up red I would say that would suit most skin tones.

Application (2/5)
It's matte so it is always going to be more of a challenge to apply. It applies quite nicely from the tube though with minimal brush work needed for the edges but it is very draggy and needed a lot of lip smooshing action for it to feel even. It does feel soft on the lips though quite feathery and light and not heavy like you might expect.

Ronseal Factor (2.5/5)
"Revlon Matte Lipstick gives suede -like application and maximum colour with on trend shades, that glide effortlessly accross lips depositing rich, beautiful, matte colour."
Suede-like well yes I will give them that and the colour pay off is quite good although I would say it is more soft that rich, think rose petals. It is not as bad as some matte lipsticks I have tried but it does not "glide effortlessly.

Wear (4/5)
This is a beauty stays put for ages and hardly needs touching up.

Price (3/5)
£7.29 is the RRP which is quite pricey for a drugstore brand even if it is Revlon, I would say it is worth about £6 no more than that.

Packaging (3/5)

Bog standard black tube with a slightly metally feel to the plastic which I do like and I like the little window in the top so you can see the colour is a cute touch. What I would also say about this packaging is that it deflects heat quite well so the lipstick doesn't get squishy after you have carried it around in your pocket for a bit.

How it left the lips. (2/5)
Dry, dry and more dry. I guess it is the matte that robs your lips of all their moisture which I quite sad.

Overall 19.5 out of 35 - I expected this to score higher as I do really love this lipstick and wear it often.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Red Lipstick Series - Collection 2000, Volume Sensation, 3 Ruby Red

It has come to my attention that I have a fair few "red" lipsticks so I figured I would start a little series to let you see all the different ones I have, how they differ and which are my favourites. I am going to rate them (out of 5) on a few different categories. Colour, Application, Ronseal Factor, Wear, Price, Packaging How does it leave the Lips. In the interest of fairness my lips will be lined each time with Stila lip stain in smooch and the colour applied from the tube and evened with a brush.

First up - Collection 2000 Volume Sensation - 3 Ruby Red

Colour (5/5)
Great colour as it say a very true Ruby Red perhaps looks a smidge darker in the tube than it does on the lips but that isn't a bad thing it's a glossy finish and it does seem to pick up on the yellow tones in the skin so I wouldn't be recommending it if you tend to be on the sallow side but still probably one of the truest reds I have used.

Application. (3/5)
Glides on nice and easily with no dragging although the shape isn't the best for precise application and there is no way I would attempt this one without a liner and brush, it does show up every little flaw on the lips so make sure you exfoliate well before application.

Ronseal Factor (does it do what it says on the tin) (4/5)
"We love it because it contains up to 40% volumising ingrediants!"
ok despite the fact they can't spell look at my lips, if you have seen my blog you know I have quite small thin lips so any help I can get is appreciated. It does have that tell tale tingle but it also feels great I couldn't stop smacking my lips and pouting mwah!

Wear (2/5)
Doesn't last very long this one you do need to keep re-applying but then maybe I just smack my lips too much when I am wearing this one.

Price (5/5)
£2.99 - well what more can you say, Bargin! Great value for money and boots/superdrug/collection 2000 are always giving away freebies with this brand or offering 3 for 2s.

Packaging (2.5/5)
Inconspicuous black tube with pink swirl on the top, nice satisfying click to the lid. Again, quality for the money spent I have bought some very pricey products with worse packaging than this.

How it left the lips (3/5)
Not too bad really, comes off quite nicely with no staining when removed with makeup remover and the lips still feel quite nice and soft.

Overall 24.5 out of 35 - not a bad bench mark. Another one coming up tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

FOTD, OOTD and a camera comparrison

So most of the pictures on this blog have been shot with my little Panasonic Lumix DMC - LX3 but I have a life long love of cameras and all of my photography use t be done with my Canon EOS 400D see my Flickr for further reference. So today as we were off to Taste of London today I thought I would dig it out and get a few pics of the day. This led me to a little experimentation into which takes the best pics for the blog.

The Lumix

The Canon

I am actually not even sure I think I like the Lumix the best, it is a lot handier to use and does give a slightly warmer/softer picture but on the other hand the lens on the Canon makes my eyes look bigger.
So anyways onto the look, keeping it really simple for a nice sunny day out in the fresh air.

Skin prep
N07 Protect and Perfect eye cream
N07 Protect and Perfect Intense serum
N07 Protect and Perfect day cream
UNE - soft minerals powder foundation M03
Garnier eye roll on in fair
N07 powder blush - soft apricot
Cover girl lash blast fusion
Benefit eye bright (just on the very inner corner of the eye)
17 mirror shine Bee-Hive

Like I said really simple, I may review the UNE at some point because it is quite a nice product. Now finally onto my outfit of the day, this is not going to be a regular thing (I hate my body) but the hubby snapped a pic of me just as we were leaving so I thought I would share.

The dress is Next and should have been £40 but I got it on sale for £15 (707-197-x45 incase you are interested) The boots are last season from Evans I can't remember what the cost. What you can't see is that under the dress I have some grey lacey almost cycling short things on which are ace for under dresses as it saves you flashing your pants should the wind catch you or if like me you end up sat down on the grass cross legged somewhere.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Review - Tokidoki Perfetto liquid eyeliner in Carina

So another part of my goodies from the US was some of the new Tokidoki make-up range, I normally wear liquid eye liner in all it's forms and I recently started experimenting with colour so Carina was very much my first choice.

The pen - ok so this very much has a magic marker vibe to it, it rattles when you shake it which is quite satisfying, it has a very chiselled nib to it which helps you achieve the thickness you require from your line and a really good click on cap which I would think means it will not dry out like some of the other felt pen liners I have had.

The colour - I like it, its quite muted which is nice because it makes it very easy to wear and it also makes my eyes look a little bluer than they are. You can easily wear this as a daytime look or team it with some contrasting shadow for a glam evening look.

Consistency - it's a strange one, it's quite thin but also quite pigmented. You need to build the colour to get a nice even and bold line (I need to work on this a bit more) but it is fairly easy to work with on a naked eyelid I shall have to try it over shadow next time to see if it is easier to get right.

Wear - ok this stuff is bombproof, seriously it does not come off until you want it to. Think of it more akin to a stain so it does flake like some liquid eyeliners can do on some of us oily ladies (I know some of you girls out there know what I am talking about) and this is the only liner that I have been able to use on my waterline that hasn't ended up either running down my face or in a gooey ball in the corner of my eye.

All in all I am quite impressed thought the colour might have been a bit punchier but it works well and I will enjoy experimenting with this one.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Recent nail roundup

Time for a run down on the colours I have been wearing the last couple of weeks and it has been quite a mixed bag.

Bourjois - 17 Noir de Chine

I have had this a couple of year it was a special edition I think with some reds that I also have, when I first got it it was lovely, as most bourjois polishes are but over time had dried out quite a bit which I find is another common problem with their ranges. A little OPI thinners made it just about fluid again to use but it was a struggle. Lovely shiny black though that is opaque in one coat.

Barry M - Berry Ice Cream

Ok so people have raved about this already so I won't go on about it too much but I can say I was dubious after the failure of Lucky Lucky Lavender, I am also not loving the light purple I have coming up later on. I am pleased to say I am pleasantly surprised with this though because whilst being a pastel shade it still has enough pop to it to compliment my skin tone. Application was fantastic and there was virtually no shrinkage from the Seche Vite. I lasted really well too which makes this an instant fave.

H&M - Goddess On Stage

Be still my beating heart, how much do I love this polish! If you can't bring yourself to splash out on Nars Purple Rain or Illamasqua Baptiste then this is the polish for you, deep and shimmery and very very Cadburys purple. The application was phenomenal for such a cheap polish (£3 I think) and it lasted and lasted this photo was taken on day 3 after lots of typing and generally bashing my nails off anything they came into contact with. Only problem is that it is more of a winter colour than a summer one and doesn't go with much that I am wearing right now but I can't wait for the right time to wear it again.

Nails Inc - London (free with diet coke)

Another free Nails Inc polish, I think it's an evil plan to get us all addicted to their product and I guess it is working as I like this one too. Yet another greige but you really can't go wrong with them on pale skin, I won't bore you with application and wear time because you know the drill, I will say this is very similar the the Mink given away by InStyle but up close the are quite different Mink is pinker and dark than London. The only bad thing about it was that it seemed to pick up some weird staining from somewhere no idea what that is all about.

OPI by Sephora - Metro Chic

Another cult greige, I have been after getting my clammy little paws on this for a while so when the lovely Jo from Music and Make up asked me if there was anything I wanted brought back from her trip stateside this was at the top of the list (along with the tokidoki make up which I will review at some point). Quite a dark one this one but man it is lovely, you can't see it from these photos but it is actually subtly purple. The shinkage you are seeing on the thumb is only because my Seche Vite was getting old and the coat went on too thick. I can see why people like this so much as it is very easy to apply and even easier to wear. I shall have to get a bundle box at some point so I can get some more of these polishes over from the states. Or you know Sephora could open a London store, just saying ;)

Nails Inc - Paris (free with diet coke)

Not really my kind of purple but once it was on I loved it, just as good as the other I have tried recently and I think this would look great with a bit of a tan or on toe nails. This one did suffer a bit of tip wear but still outstanding.

No7 - Decades Collection Mai Dress

Not like the swatch on the website at all. Another lilac that looks unfortunate on me with a lovely tippex like quality too it, it was also thick, gloopy, bubbly and an all round nightmare to apply. Some may love this I hated it the 70's obviously are not my decade and the whole thing was like one bad trip!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Top 10 products (things I couldn't live without)

Gah! first video, just something i'm trying may not do it again please be kind LOL.