Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Red lipstick Series - Natural Collection Moisture Shine Cherry Red

Tonights red lippy is one from Boots namely their Natural Collection. It is one of their Moisture Shine lipsticks in Cherry Red

Colour (4/5)
This is a Cherry Red in the truest sense. Its punchy and pinky toned and like the Revlon very easy to wear. This one never fails to make me think of Katy Perry it is quite cheeky and kooky and I always feel happy wearing it.

Application (4/5)
Due to the shape of the actual lipstick this is very very easy to apply precisely so there is minimal brush work required. It really melts on to the lips giving a full coverage very quickly without feeling like you are wearing a lot of product.

Ronseal Factor (4/5)
"high shine lipstick that gently moisturises the lips."
The only reason this loses a point is that it is not as shiny as it could be but yes it moisturises and feels great on.

Wear (3/5)
Even though this doesn't last as long as I would like it still scores quite highly because it fades really nicely and reapplied well.

Price (5/5)
This costs £1.95..... yes you heard me £1.95!!!

Packaging (1/5)

Ultra cheap plastic tube, no frills here but did I mention it was £1.95. The only thing is it is white but I can't decide if that is quite a nice change from the norm or just makes it look cheaper.

How it left the lips (4/5)
this really does moisturise I wouldn't go as far as to say it would be as good as a lip balm but it certainly doesn't leave them any worse. It also removes really easily and doesn't leave you with that smacked in the kisser look.

Overall 25/35 who'd a thunk it for a £1.95 but I really really love this so Boots please put this in some pretty packaging and i'll pay a fiver for it

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