Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Red Lipstick Series - Illamasqua Sangers

Today I'm bringing you a real treat, this is the red lipstick to end all red lipsticks. I have heard that Illamasquas Box lipstick is amazing but report of it being very drying means I just never got round to getting it. When I saw the images for this one (it's part of the valentines collection) I just knew it had to be mine.
On to the review

Colour (5/5)
Sangers is billed as being blood red and it lives up to it, it's gorgeous it can look dark and vampy or vibrant and punchy depending on what light you are in. It is really multi-tonal and I really think this would suit any skin tone. This is so pigmented which means with a quick slick and mushing your lips together you would have full coverage in the blink of an eye.

Application (4/5)
This was quite draggy on the lips when I applied it straight from the bullet but this meant it stayed exactly where you put it. I also allows you to build up just the right amount of product without overloading the lips. Not a matte and not a gloss means it is a very low maintenance application and the square tube give you nice control.

Ronseal Factor (-/5)
For the first time I am not quite sure how to score this. The website sells the product on how it should make you feel emotionally and not the benefits of the formula. It is an interesting concept but nothing you can really test with a pass or fail as it will be individual to the person wearing it. I am giving this one a pass and the score will reflect.

Wear (5/5)
I wore this from 8 this morning until 7 tonight and I touched it up once. The touch up was more for me than the actual fact it needed it. I can't even say it was a stain cause it wipes clean off with a makeup wipe it is just intensely pigmented and stays put, I ate, drank and talked loads and it remained perfect. Best wearing lipstick ever!

Price (4/5)
I have scored this high because I don't think £15.50 for a premium brand is a lot of money compared to the price of some of my recent reviews this wins hands down on the value for money. This is just over what I would consider to be drugstore prices and the quality is impeccable. I might invest in some more of their lipsticks, you will have to let me know which ones you like readers ;)

Packaging (4/5)
This really appeals to me I love the chic lines of the Illamasqua packaging they classic black with the branding is classy and the square shape literally gives it an edge. I love square packaging as you can set it down without it rolling away! Plastic but feels really sturdy.

How it left the lips (5/5)
After reading about box I expected this to be really really drying and I was pleasantly surprised. It does have the texture of a matte but not the feel. It feels strange on your aware you are wearing it but it is neither drying nor moisturising. It wipes away really cleanly which is a massive plus in my book and left my lips feeling fine.

Overall 27 out of 30 is very impressive and I have to say I love the product, Illamasqua is be a brand I will definitely be returning to.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Red Lipstick Series - Daniel Sandler "all for eve"

Next up in the series we have a bit of a curve ball. I am a sucker for a charity pin badge/cuddly toy/piece of tat, especially if it is a woman related charity and I am always picking things up at the till. So what better to tick all my boxes than this little beauty. This lipstick is called Eve Red and is part of the cosmetics line launched to raise awareness and support for The Eve Appeal which is dedicated to saving lives by research into gynaecological cancers. My mum lost one of her very best friend last year to this devastating illness so any thing that helps is a winner in my book.
So onto the lipstick itself, it's created by Daniel Sandler and it's a corker.

Colour (4/5)
This a very wearable darker almost blood red, very very glossy but not too pigmented which means you can slick it on with ease and would be a great one to wear over a stain.

Application (4/5)
Loved they way this applied it was so effortless, this is one of the very few reds I would feel confident in touching up without a mirror. It's not a harsh shade at all and really melts onto the lips in a very satisfying way. I used the same liner I always use for these reviews in the interests of fairness but to be honest I think I would wear this without a liner.

Ronseal Factor (5/5)
They say - "this lipstick provides long lasting colour. Eve Red is timeless and instills courage and poise" It is true that nothing quite gives me the womanly feeling that a red lip does. This lipstick is long lasting and they give their profits to charity. Full Marks.

Wear (3/5)
This isn't the most pigmented lipstick I have tried but it does have fairly good lasting power it seems to fade from red through pinks to leave you with a just been snogging look which I really like. It's very low maintenance and I love that about it feels far more like a balm than a lipstick and your lips feel amazing while wearing it.

Price (5/5)
This retail and £10 and all profits go to the charity. This is a price comparable with most drug store brands and the quality is comparable with the premium brands. I also actually only paid £6.50 for this in the Fenwicks sale and I can see myself reaching for it a lot.

Packaging (2.5/5)

Bog standard black and silver lipstick case no external markings. They obviously compromised on the packaging to afford a better formula and that is what you are paying for at the end of the day so you can't grumble too much but a logo or something would have been nice.

How it left the lips (5/5)
Like I said more like a balm than a lipstick very glossy and nourishing it feels amazing on and left me lips pillow and soft.

Overall 28.5 out of 35 far more than I expected from this I can tell you If they could improve the packaging then I would bulk buy these incase they ever stopped making them. It has also now inspired me to try out the Nail Polish!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Red Lipstick Series - Chantecaille in Cerise

So this year I was extremely restraint and did hardly any sale shopping. One of the gems I did pick up though was This lipstick From Space NK. There you have it I am no longer a Space NK virgin and also I own my first Chantecaille (and probably the last judging by the prices), I can;t say its a brand that has called to me but I have heard people rave about it so I thought why not.
Also I am still working out my new Nex-5 camera so excuse the ropey photos.

Colour (3.5/5)

There is no other way to say it, this is a BOLD shade, in the red stakes it is not taking any prisoners. It is extremely pigmented and quite vampy and therefore could be harder to wear for some people and I found it made my skin look a little sallow but i'm never one to shy away from a bright shade and I actually quite like it. I also think it needs to be paired with a lighter lip pencil than the stain pen I am using for these reviews just to lift it a little.

Application (3.5/5)

This does glide on but you have to be careful other wise it will end up everywhere I found it a little bleedy and with this product less is definitely more you hardly need to apply any to get a very vivid colour. Applies really well from the tube and transfers really well when you do that lip smacking thing to even out the colour.

Ronseal factor (4.5/5)

heres what they say on the website

- Creamy color that’s startlingly intense and incredibly comfortable
- A special amino acid emollient creates a film impervious to water and oils
- Enriched with Vitamins A and C plus an SPF 6-8 for extra protection

I would have to say I agree with all of that it's amazingly creamy but I haven't tested it enough with foods or water, it did wipe off fairly easily when I removed it.

Wear (3.5/5)

The wear is really lovely did seem to last fairly well but the one thing I would say is I was very very aware I was wearing it. It has the feel of an old fashioned lipstick and I would be nervous about changing clothes or satining anything whilst I was wearing it.

Price (2/5)

Again i'm bringing you another astronomically priced lipstick I think these retail at around £26-£27 but of course I got it in the sale for a tenner. Where as I would say the Guerlain redeems itself a little with the actual tube, this is not that special nice, £15 nice perhaps but not £25.

Packaging (3.5/5)

Quite stylish plain silver tube with rounded edges, it does come with nice little pouch so you can chuck it in your handbag fuss free. I do like the tube and it does feel like quality but there is nothing outstanding about it.

How it left the lips (4/5)

This is very softening, it's a really creamy formula which is very pigmented so there was a little staining left on the lips but it is not drying at all. This would be a great lipstick to use the dabbing on the colour with your fingers technique.

overall 24.5/35 thats not a bad score all considered it is a nice lipstick and really evokes the glamour of a time gone by but I am not sure I would pay full price for it.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Tiffany Keys Manicure

So for Christmas I was lucky enough to be bought a beautiful Tiffany key by my wonderful husband. like most things Tiffany I adore it and practically haven't taken it off since I got it.

It got me to thinking about the brand and inspired me to paint my nails with china glazes "for Audrey" which is one of the best polishes I own. Then like a sign from above something happened, I was spring cleaning (early I know but as soon as the calendar hits Jan 1st I am always compelled to clear out the clutter and throw loads of stuff away) and I came across some Andrea Fulerton nail sticker and I just had to add them.

Full look

For Audrey

Close up of key and chain detail, seriously how cute are these you can return me to Tiffanys any day :)