Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Red Lipstick Series - Illamasqua Sangers

Today I'm bringing you a real treat, this is the red lipstick to end all red lipsticks. I have heard that Illamasquas Box lipstick is amazing but report of it being very drying means I just never got round to getting it. When I saw the images for this one (it's part of the valentines collection) I just knew it had to be mine.
On to the review

Colour (5/5)
Sangers is billed as being blood red and it lives up to it, it's gorgeous it can look dark and vampy or vibrant and punchy depending on what light you are in. It is really multi-tonal and I really think this would suit any skin tone. This is so pigmented which means with a quick slick and mushing your lips together you would have full coverage in the blink of an eye.

Application (4/5)
This was quite draggy on the lips when I applied it straight from the bullet but this meant it stayed exactly where you put it. I also allows you to build up just the right amount of product without overloading the lips. Not a matte and not a gloss means it is a very low maintenance application and the square tube give you nice control.

Ronseal Factor (-/5)
For the first time I am not quite sure how to score this. The website sells the product on how it should make you feel emotionally and not the benefits of the formula. It is an interesting concept but nothing you can really test with a pass or fail as it will be individual to the person wearing it. I am giving this one a pass and the score will reflect.

Wear (5/5)
I wore this from 8 this morning until 7 tonight and I touched it up once. The touch up was more for me than the actual fact it needed it. I can't even say it was a stain cause it wipes clean off with a makeup wipe it is just intensely pigmented and stays put, I ate, drank and talked loads and it remained perfect. Best wearing lipstick ever!

Price (4/5)
I have scored this high because I don't think £15.50 for a premium brand is a lot of money compared to the price of some of my recent reviews this wins hands down on the value for money. This is just over what I would consider to be drugstore prices and the quality is impeccable. I might invest in some more of their lipsticks, you will have to let me know which ones you like readers ;)

Packaging (4/5)
This really appeals to me I love the chic lines of the Illamasqua packaging they classic black with the branding is classy and the square shape literally gives it an edge. I love square packaging as you can set it down without it rolling away! Plastic but feels really sturdy.

How it left the lips (5/5)
After reading about box I expected this to be really really drying and I was pleasantly surprised. It does have the texture of a matte but not the feel. It feels strange on your aware you are wearing it but it is neither drying nor moisturising. It wipes away really cleanly which is a massive plus in my book and left my lips feeling fine.

Overall 27 out of 30 is very impressive and I have to say I love the product, Illamasqua is be a brand I will definitely be returning to.

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  1. It looked gorgeous on you today hun, I blame you for my purchase lol! I just tried it and I love it! Great review