Sunday, 6 March 2011

Illamasqua - Toxic Nature

So you have probably seen this all over the blogosphere already but it is worth sharing. I wasn't lucky enough to make it too the blogger event on thursday night but the lovely team at Illamasqua invited me round to the flag ship store on Saturday for a sneak peak.

The collection is based around what would happen if nature stuck back and was conceived when Alex Box was stuck like lots of others by the ash cloud last year. It set her cogs in motion as to how we really have no power over mother nature and she can wipe the floor with us whenever she wants.

Aren't the promo images just beautiful, so inspiring. The look is all around distorted proportions with large eyes, slim noses and low cheeks. There is a lot of contouring and playing with shapes and I love it.

To me the crux of the collection seem to be the new matt cream pigments

top row - Bedaub(mint green) Delirium(rose taupe) Mould(grape purple) Hollow(toffee beige)
bottom row - Dab (lilac) Emerge (peach)

The standouts for me were Emerge which makes such a beautiful blush on us pale skinned gals. Bedaub which can be blended out as a colour corrector on red patches and Hollow which is an awesome contour colour. The can be used anywhere and I will definitely purchasing a few of these to play with.

But the fun doesn't end there there are also two lipsticks and glosses and 4 nail colours.
This is Divine the fuchsia pink gloss blended over Atomic the fuchsia violet lipstick. Then flare the neon orange lipstick and finally Glister but I will come to that in a bit. There is also Torture which I forgot to swatch but it matches the lipstick perfectly.

There are five polishes
Purity - peach
Bacterium - pearlescent ash ochre
Radium - lime shimmer
Stagnate - grey mauve
Gamma neon - orange

Below is Bacterium which everyone is going nuts for and I can see why, it applies like a dream as with all of the polishes I have tried from them and it is such a unique colour very mother of pearl/oyster it just catches the light so beautifully I can't stop staring at my fingers.
Under room lights
Natural light

The show stopper for me was Glister the Nude Anti-eyeliner eyeliner. It takes a lot to drag me away from my good old black cat eye so I want to give this a proper review o it's own because it is really something quite special.

I had a wonderful time at Illamasqua and they make you feel so welcome, this brand really is going from strength to strength and it because of their dedication to letting their customers express themselves and constantly challenging themselves to push the boundaries.

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