Wednesday, 27 January 2010


look what the lovely people over at Eyeko just sent me. I have been a big fan of their products for a long time as they mix my two favourite things Kawaii and Cosmetics. I signed up to be one of their ambassadors and they sent me this cute gift in the post today.
I will review it for you all tomorrow ( ^o^ )

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Let me tell you about ...

So, I am starting a new little feature. These posts will be about all sorts really it may include recent purchases, products I have had for a while, fashion, home remedies and anything else I want to get off my ample chest.

Today let me tell you about Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps

We got these into my section at work a little while ago and they had been holding out on them as they were not sure how they were going to go down with our fairly straight laced clientele. What makes them special whats in them or rather what isn't in them.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut*, Organic Palm* and Organic Olive* Oils (w/Retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils**, Citric Acid, Vitamin E

  • Completely Biodegradable and Vegetable-Based
  • Made with Certified Fair Trade and Organic Oils
  • Multi-Purpose: 18-in-1 Uses
  • No Synthetic Foaming Agents, Thickeners or Preservatives
  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Cylinder Bottles and Paper Labels
  • Simple, Ecological Formulations Based on Old-World Quality and Expertise
  • #1-Selling Natural Brand of Soaps in North America

    I got the peppermint one and I have used it tonight to wash my make up brushes and I have to say the amount of gunk that came out with only a couple of drop of this made me a little ashamed I had not cleaned my brushes sooner. It smells divine so if you can get past the crazy packaging (and it is pretty out there) grab yourself some of this stuff, you can even brush your teeth with it!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

catching up - recent nails

OPI - DC Cherry Blossom, one of my all time favs. Goes on great and the colour is really intense this was only 2 coats.
Revlon - Midnight Affair, really nice and sparkly but a bit dark. It also chipped really quickly this photo was the morning after I had applied it and it was already chipping. Also did not play nicely with OPI rapid dry top coat and I got lots of bubbles.

OPI - Absolutely Alice - what can I say! just gorgeous goes on like a dream so very sparkly and very very blue. It does eat top coat though and boy when this chips it chips, it had it on for 4 days and I went to peel a price label from a box at work and pretty much the whole thumbnail came off at once lol.
I got all 4 of the Alice polishes so look out for more coming soon.

Nails Inc - Albert and Victoria, got this one free on the front of a magazine and I had totally forgotten how much I like Nails Inc polish this lasted really well this photo was taken after 5 days and as you can see it's only showing a smidge of tip wear.

catching up - recent makeup looks

Ok so the base for these is all the same, it's the Bourjois Mineral Matte Mousse in 81 Ivory, the new Garnier concealer/eye roll on in fair, No7 powder in Translucent, Clarins eyebrows and the benefit 10 bronzer/highlighter.

Urban Decay primer potion
lid all over - urban decay Flash
crease - urban decay AC/DC
lid highlight - urban decay Ecstasy
Blending of edges - urban decay Sphinx
under eye liner - outer half urban decay rockstar, inner half urban decay ransom
top lashline liner - dior liquid liner in black
Mascara - Bourjois coup de theatre 2 in 1 in black

Urban Decay primer potion
lid all over - urban decay Mildew
crease - urban decay Misdemeanor
lid highlight - urban decay Homegrown
Blending of edges - urban decay Flipside
under eye liner - urban decay Graffiti
top lashline liner - no7 liquid liner in black
Mascara - NYX doll eyes

Urban Decay primer potion
lid inner half - Ruby and Mille i powder pen purple (light side)
Outer lid and under eye - Ruby and Millie i powder pen purple (dark side)
under eye liner - urban decay zero
top lashline liner - urban decay heavy metal eyeliner in spandex
Mascara - NYX doll eyes

Urban Decay primer potion
lid inner third - urban decay Mildew
lid middle third - urban decay Painkiller
lid outer third - urban decay flash
under eye liner - urban decay zero
top lashline liner - no7 liquid liner in black
Mascara - Maxfactor flash lash effect waterproof in black

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Classic face project - Revlon

I did this revlon look last week just never got around to posting it. Revlon is edging towards the top end of the budget beauty ranges but their products are still fairly good value so here is what I used.

Beyond Natural Foundation (shade 210 light/pale) £9.99
Age Defying Concealer (shade 02 light) £7.99
Colourstay Pressed Powder (shade 820 light) £10.49
Matte Powder Blush (shade 001 rose rapture) £7.49
Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner (shade blackest black) £7.99
Double Twist Mascara (black) £8.99
Colourstay Ultimate Lipcolour (shade nude) £8.99

Total Look £61.93

Ok so what can I say about this little lot, the foundation is fairly neat it comes out white and then colours when you blend it. This means that the shade is fantastic but as you can see from my nose the coverage is not. The concealer is just horrible, thick and powdery it is meant to be "age defying" but it just settled into all my fine lines and made my undereyes look really dry. The lipstick is a little dark to be nude on me but the texture is lovely and it lasts ages just like the liner it's a bit of a pain to get a fine line but this stuff just doesn't budge. Blush is beautiful a really delicate colour but the real big let down is their new double twist mascara. Now I only got this as part of a 3 for 2 when I was buying cherries in the snow but god it is an abomination. Clumpy, flakey and gross like mascara used to be a million years ago, I dunno if it is the brush or the formula but it just does not work!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Classic face project - Rimmel

Next up in my classic face project is Rimmel I wouldn't call Rimmel one of my favourite brands but they are cheap and good quality so it is always something I have a lot of.
The products used were

Renew and Lift Foundation (shade 100 ivory) - £7.99
Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer (shade 100 ivory) - £4.99
Stay Matte Pressed Powder (shade 001 transparent) - £3.99
3 in 1 Powder Blush (shade 001 spring flower) - £4.99
Flash Eyeliner Felt Tip Pen (shade 001 flash black) - £4.99
Sexy Curves Mascara (shade 001 black) - £7.99
Moisture Renew Lipstick (shade 700 nude delight) - £5.99

TOTAL LOOK - £40.93

Ok so what can I say about the products the foundation was nice even if it felt just a smidge dark for me and you really can't go wrong with the stay matte powder it's one of the best on the market. The mascara is one of my favourites and I use it almost everyday as you can see from the battered nature of the tube and although the eyeliner went on great and gave a really precise line it was looking a bit smudgy by lunch time. The colour of the blush is lovely and has a nice shimmer too it if that is your sort of thing, the only real disaster is the concealer the formulation is quite nice but the applicator just isn't fluffy enough and it really felt like it was scratching under my eyes.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Classic face project - Bourjois

So for a long time I have stuck to a classic face which I do when I am feeling uninspired. It is base, blush, winged liner, eyebrows, mascara and a neutral lip. I have a massive wealth of make-up based around this look and whilst looking through I found out that I could do my entire look using only Bourjois products.
This sent me on a bit of a quest to find out in all the products I have how many classic faces I can pull together using a single brand. Over the next few weeks I will be seeing what I have got in the old make-up bags and bringing you my reviews brand per brand including price.

So first off is Bourjois, one of my favourite brands the quality of the product is always excellent and they have a good range of new products constantly coming out. The products used were

10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation (shade 71) £8.99
Mineral Radiance Pressed Powder (shade 02 vanille) £8.99
Imperfection Concealer (shade 11 beige ivoire) £5.49
Blush (shade 48 cendre de rose brune) £6.99
Liner Feutre Felt Tip Liner (shade 11 noir) £5.99
Coup De Theatre 2 in 1 Mascara (shade 51 noir exceptionnel) £8.99
Effect 3D Max Lipgloss (shade 61 rose acidule) £7.99


all the prices are RRP but as you know you can always get products on offer.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Whoops i'm in trouble - it's a long story so strap in.

Ok so as it was my last day off before returning to normality on Monday it was proclaimed to be "my day" today. So intending to spend the day in bed I asked the Hubby if he had any desires to venture into the outside world today. He said he would like to take a walk out to ASK at Tottenham Court Road and buy the TV stand speakers thing he had seen last week.
Fine thought I, so I got up and made breakfast (christmas cake and coffee) and off we trundled. We stopped by Charles Fox on the way so I could salivate at all the things I could only ever dream of using and we arrived at ASK (I stopped at Muji on the way also but that is a post for tomorrow). He bought the TV stand thingy and decided that after bartering it down to £275 we would take all 80kg of it home in a taxi.
We are to give the people an hour to box it up and then we could collect it so of course that meant more wandering round the shops we went to maplins, electronic shops and finally to Boots.
This is where I got told off.
He was happily shopping around for essentials like mouth wash, vitamins and the like when whilst looking for deoderant he had sent me to find when I happened upon the clearance section of doom. Now if you know boots at all you know this isn't like a sale section and you don't get them in larger stores this is normally the place where you find broken rusks, open tissues and suntan lotion in January.
But look what I found!!
Chanel lipstick that was reduced from £22.00 to £11.00
Benefit Sexy 10 bronzer and highlighter £11.25 - no idea how much this one should have been but it is discontinued now, you can't get it anymore as far as i'm aware.
No 17 eyeshadow pallet 75p - I think this was a GWP but still 75p!
Revlon 094 midnight affair nail polish £3.15
Loreal resist and shine nail polish no idea what colour £2.93
Purple is always a winner and I don't have a black eyeshahow.
Pretty can't wait to use this.

and who in their right mind could resist this Chanel red.

Now this is where I got into trouble, having sneaked these items into the basket we got to the till where he promptly went "£11 for lipstick" we had a brief fraught discussion about my make-up addiction and I promised I would try to get a handle on my problem.

So the posts in the next little while will be from my extensive collection not new purchases ;)

Urban Decay eyes

Ok I have never used Urban Decay eye shadows before and I have to say from what I have seen on other blogs they looked great. So when I saw the Preen shadow box in the sale at House of Frazer I had to make it mine.
What I was no prepared for was quite how good they are when used with the primer these bad boys really stick. I applied this make up at 7.30 in the morning on new years eve and it lasted me all the way through into the new year without having to be touched up. It lasted so well infact that when I came to take it off the blue had stained my eyelids a little!

I am now an Urban Decay convert which is bound to be very very bad for my wallet.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Opi - Parlez Vous OPI

I love this colour it goes with everything, it goes on really well as you would expect from OPI although it really dries a bit brighter when you use the rapid dry top coat.

face of the day

Steam cream
Bobbi Brown foundation stick (0 - porcelain)
Benefit Erase paste in Fair
Guerlain illuminating powder in 10

Guerlain bird of paradise quad
Dior liquid eyeliner
rimmel sexy curves mascara.

What a great little quad this is the colours go on really sheer but also really vibrant if that makes sense. They lasted all day and the illuminating powder really does neutralise any over red tones in the skin.

Gosh so much to tell you about

Well Christmas has been and gone and I did my yearly sale makeup grab. I actually got some really great stuff this time.

Ink liner from Urban Decay

Meteories illuminating powder from Guerlain in 10 NACRE DES MERS

Guerlain bird of paradise eyeshadow pod. Don't you just love the packaging.

Urban Decay peacock eye palette

Group shot - just realised how bird themed it all is.

Finally my nails for over the festive period were OPI disco ball sparkle.