Sunday, 17 January 2010

Classic face project - Revlon

I did this revlon look last week just never got around to posting it. Revlon is edging towards the top end of the budget beauty ranges but their products are still fairly good value so here is what I used.

Beyond Natural Foundation (shade 210 light/pale) £9.99
Age Defying Concealer (shade 02 light) £7.99
Colourstay Pressed Powder (shade 820 light) £10.49
Matte Powder Blush (shade 001 rose rapture) £7.49
Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner (shade blackest black) £7.99
Double Twist Mascara (black) £8.99
Colourstay Ultimate Lipcolour (shade nude) £8.99

Total Look £61.93

Ok so what can I say about this little lot, the foundation is fairly neat it comes out white and then colours when you blend it. This means that the shade is fantastic but as you can see from my nose the coverage is not. The concealer is just horrible, thick and powdery it is meant to be "age defying" but it just settled into all my fine lines and made my undereyes look really dry. The lipstick is a little dark to be nude on me but the texture is lovely and it lasts ages just like the liner it's a bit of a pain to get a fine line but this stuff just doesn't budge. Blush is beautiful a really delicate colour but the real big let down is their new double twist mascara. Now I only got this as part of a 3 for 2 when I was buying cherries in the snow but god it is an abomination. Clumpy, flakey and gross like mascara used to be a million years ago, I dunno if it is the brush or the formula but it just does not work!

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