Sunday, 13 December 2009

Check it out

head over to Helen and Sheenies Nice things and take a look at the megga blog sale they are having to raise money for a wedding dress. Having just been though that myself I know that every penny counts so get spending and help her have a magical day :)

new nails

Colour picked today by the Hubby, its Revlon cherries in the snow. Goes on great and dries really fast even before the OPI rapid dry top coat. The title says it all it's a really cherry red in some lights quit pin in others it looks quite dark red. Love it!

Fridays Make up

blergh tired today and not really into it, I used my dior liner I turn to when I can't be bothered its is really black and quite glossy. It gives quite a harsh look that I am not to fond of but it lasts really well sometimes too well.

Glitter mani

this was to accompany a blue glittery headband that I will show you at some point. 1 coat nail envy, 2 coats Barry M Blue, 1 coat china glaze fairy dust.

Thursdays Makeup

retro today winged eyeliner as is my standard and a nice lip stain from Bourjois.

Wednesdays makeup

Ok feeling kinda glam today so lots and lots of eyeshadow, all from the guerlain palette.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

todays Mani

Time for a change, I needed to cut my nails they were getting a bit too long, I have big nails and they look really false when they get long so I decided it was time for a new colour. It's OPI "met on the internet" awww perfect colour for me as thats how I met the hubby. It's not pink, it's not red and it is quite shimmery The one thing I will say is that it seems to have eaten the topcoat. I used nail envy 2 of colour ( I could have gotten away with one careful one) and one of rapid dry top coat. it just hasn't really dried glossy it's still quite gritty. Oh well the colours great I might try another coat of rapid dry tomorrow.

tuesdays makeup

Ok trying something a little different today, Still rocking the steam cream as my skin seems to love it but I am trying out the new stay matte mouse from Rimmel. I have to say I love the texture even though I am not sure if I have picked up the right colour I got 100 (ivory) which I assumed was the lightest but now I see from the website there is 103 (true ivory) so now I am not so sure. Damn, don't you just hate when they don't have all the shades in the shop. Anyways like I said it went on really nicely and my massive pores were virtually gone but I have to say it didn't hold by 3 o'clock I was a shiny mess and it had gone really patchy. I did use it with the Bourjois mineral powder though so I am going to try it with the stay matte powder tomorrow to see if it makes a difference.

The eyes were my NYX doll eyes mascara which I am loving and a metallic blue eyeliner which is very old from Bourjois.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Monday makeup and update

again normal base today but I used steam cream underneath it all as I am trying to repair my skin at the moment central heating/aircon and London are not being kind to me at the moment. My lips are a mess too.
I used the Bourjois stick under my eyes as I was being very lazy this morning and the under eye liner is revlon colorstay. You ca also see my cute hairband in this pic I am going to post in the week about my hairband obsession (which is huge if you hadn't noticed already) and I will try and take pictures of them all.
Also a quick update on the "for Audrey" finally got round to adding the sparkles, it aint Tiffany without sparkles ;)

Saturdays Make up

Normal base today with my new NYX concealer and purple shadow from the revlon colourstay quad in 20 sunrise/sunset I tend to use quite a string eyeshadow and no eyeliner if I am going to be wearing my glasses.
oh and you can really see my skin is still a mess from using the hissyfit.

Friday, 4 December 2009

China Glaze, For Audrey

Well here it is my latest mani and I love love love the colour. Base coat of nail envy, 2 coats of colour (but this is really opaque you could get away with 1 if your careful) and a top coat of OPI rapid dry. I want to add little diamonds and I have them out here ready to go but I can't bear to wreck it, it's just too perfect.

First time I have used Rapid dry and I have to say that have set rock solid no squidgyness (the technical term for when your polish is a bit too thick) left at all.

Updates and purchases

hang on to your hats because I have loads to tell you about today and some nice little up dates on things I have been trying.
The first thing I am excited about is of course new polishes. I got 2 OPI, Met on the internet (I had to buy this one as this is how me and the hubby met nearly 12 years ago) and the second is Lincoln Park After Dark in Matte which is great because I love the colour and have wanted to try matte for a long time, plus I can make it like the normal one with a simple top coat. Kind of a 2 for 1 :)
Next is the one have have been lusting after China glaze "for Audrey" now anyone that knows me will tell you the only thing I love more than cosmetics (not including the hubby) is Tiffany's so Tiffany colour nail polish makes me squeal with delight.

Now for the updates

The Hissyfit did indeed make me break out, Damn. Also weirdly it make my skin really dry the next day which is strange as it was so greasy so I guess I will think twice about this one.
The Incoco however was fantastic, I had to take it off today because I managed to crack my thumbnail unpacking a box at work and needed to do a repair. It's a bit of a bummer because it was holding up really well, tip wear but no chips and was still really glossy. It was in fact starting to grow out which is I think the only downside.

Lastly my latest purchases

When I heard they were doing NYX at Harrods I can't believe I managed to last over a week before I caved and went to check it out. With work bonus burning a hole in my pocket I dragged Hubby along to get my hands on some.
I bought the Glitterati palette which looks amazing, I love most of the colours and can't wait for an appropriate time to use them (don't think work would approve of this as a day look). I also picked up the Doll Eye Volume mascara and the Concealer in a Jar. The shade the MUA picked for me was 04 Beige and I have to say I was very dubious a I have never let a MUA pick a shade for me as they always chose to dark. When I got home I tried a little and I have to say she got it right and it covers up the eye circles very nicely.

Thursdays Makeup

Normal base today of
Maxfactor Second Skin
Bourjois mineral powder
Benefit Erase Paste
and the blush was No7 (soft apricot)
Eyes were
Clarins eyebrow kit
Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner
Rimmel Sexy curves Mascara
I also used a little touch of Benefit Powderflage under my eyes and just under my brows as I was feeling really tired today.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

No makeup day Hissyfit reveiw

I have a condition called Menieres disease which means from time to time I get dizzy. I get really bad spells of vertigo, lack co-ordination and find it hard to balance. This morning was one of those mornings which meant I didn't put on any makeup before going to work. This turned out to be ok because it gave me a chance to try the Hissy fit cream by Dr Lewins I have been wanting to. It's a combination of skincare, sunscreen and foundation or so it claims. The shade I tried was nude as even the light was too dark for me. What can I say it goes on like a suncream (it's quite gloopy) and gives a thin veil of coverage but not enough to look like a foundation. It is very shiny and did not compliment my combination skin but if it doesn't make me break out like I have heard it can do then I may buy it in the summer to use just for the sun.

Tuesdays makeup

god I hate these pictures of me, I really need to do something about my tear troughs. Anyone know of any good creams?

Anyhoos, base is the same as yesterday and eyes are clarins eyebrows and Bobbi Brown liner with the Lancome mascara.

Mondays makeup

I really quite like this look on my in the flesh but it doesn't really look great in photos. You will have to excuse the face I am battling a nasty head cold.

Lancome Primordiale
Lancome Gentifique eye cream
Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation (040 creamy ivory)
Bourjois imperfection concealer stick
Bourjois Mineral Radiance pressed powder (02 Vanille)
Revlon Matte powder blush (001 rose rapture)
Eyebrows (clarins kit)
Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue Eyeshadow Quad ( Neutral Cashmeres)
Bourjois Duochrome Eyeliner (61 Vert dore)
Bourjois Coup de Théâtre 2 in 1
Soap and Glory mighty mouth gloss