Friday, 4 December 2009

Updates and purchases

hang on to your hats because I have loads to tell you about today and some nice little up dates on things I have been trying.
The first thing I am excited about is of course new polishes. I got 2 OPI, Met on the internet (I had to buy this one as this is how me and the hubby met nearly 12 years ago) and the second is Lincoln Park After Dark in Matte which is great because I love the colour and have wanted to try matte for a long time, plus I can make it like the normal one with a simple top coat. Kind of a 2 for 1 :)
Next is the one have have been lusting after China glaze "for Audrey" now anyone that knows me will tell you the only thing I love more than cosmetics (not including the hubby) is Tiffany's so Tiffany colour nail polish makes me squeal with delight.

Now for the updates

The Hissyfit did indeed make me break out, Damn. Also weirdly it make my skin really dry the next day which is strange as it was so greasy so I guess I will think twice about this one.
The Incoco however was fantastic, I had to take it off today because I managed to crack my thumbnail unpacking a box at work and needed to do a repair. It's a bit of a bummer because it was holding up really well, tip wear but no chips and was still really glossy. It was in fact starting to grow out which is I think the only downside.

Lastly my latest purchases

When I heard they were doing NYX at Harrods I can't believe I managed to last over a week before I caved and went to check it out. With work bonus burning a hole in my pocket I dragged Hubby along to get my hands on some.
I bought the Glitterati palette which looks amazing, I love most of the colours and can't wait for an appropriate time to use them (don't think work would approve of this as a day look). I also picked up the Doll Eye Volume mascara and the Concealer in a Jar. The shade the MUA picked for me was 04 Beige and I have to say I was very dubious a I have never let a MUA pick a shade for me as they always chose to dark. When I got home I tried a little and I have to say she got it right and it covers up the eye circles very nicely.


  1. Wow, that palette looks amazing!! How much was it in Harrods? I know some people have been complaining that they have really raised the prices! And I have been tempted to get that concealer for ages!! x

  2. palette was £14.99 which is incredible as the quads are £8.95 the mascara was £9.95 and the concealer £5.95 not bad really I might go back at some point and pick up some more bits.