Sunday, 29 November 2009

Incoco - First attempt

Well I have to say that they weren't as easy as I thought they would be but they also weren't as difficult as I had expected. I was actually quite nervous to put these on as they are a fairly expensive waste of money if you muck it up. I am very very clumsy!
I decided to start with my least fav colour of the 3 Sweet Kiss and my room must have been a little to warm because they were quite floppy having said that though they were quite straight forward and 20 minutes later I had a full set of beautifully polished nails. Some are a little wonky and a bit stretched but having no drying time and being good to go straight away is absolute WIN!
Now just to see how they last they say two weeks, will I get through one?

Mini splurge

Bought a few little bits today and got some for free which is always the best kind.
Finally got my hands on some Incoco dry nail polishes I have covetted these for a long time and they had some in boots (only 3 colours in the uk mind )

I got
Sinderella (dark sparkly red)
Casablanca (dark matte plum)
Sweet Kiss (hot pink)
We will see how I get on with those.

I also picked up
Glamour Magazine which has a FREE full size NailsInc polish ( I picked up Tate the bright red)
Bourjois Mini Glass file (after reading Hell Candy's review)
OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat (free with boots points)

I am however to tired to to anything with them tonight so will try tomorrow.

Saturdays Make up

Ok finally got the photos on, same base as normal but I really wanted to show off the beautiful Guerlain eyeshadow palette I used for my wedding. This was my first ever Guerlain and I absolutely love it, some people have complained that the pigmentation in the shadows is low but I love it's subtle veil of colour and its really shimmery. Plus the packaging is gorgeous and I got it in the John Lewis sale for half price, Rock On!

Fridays Make up

Went for my Mac base today and eyes from the Lancome gift again

Mac Select SPF 15 (NW15)
Mac Select Moisture Cover (NC15)
Prep + Prime finishing powder
Blush Bourjois (48 Cendre De Rose Brune)

Waif (all over lid and crease)
Guest List (in crease line and underlash line)
Vue (in centre of the lid and inner corner of the eye)
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (001 black)
Eyebrows from the Clarins kit

Bourjois number 09

Had to get the Merry Midnight off the bumpiness was driving crazy but I was still in a dark purple mood so I raided my polish collection can came up with an old fav. I love Bourjois polish and the brushes in these are a dream. The polish goes on great and the colour is even after just 2 coats. This is kind of what I was hoping for from Merry Midnight.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Yesterdays makeup

Ok so yesterdays make up is exactly the same base as yesterday but with different eyes this is as close as I get to a normal look as in it is the makeup I do the most. I am a big fan of the retro look and the winged eyeliner is a classic. I use liquid eyeliners as I find a pencil drags to much on my skin and never goes on well. The one used here is
Bobby Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (black ink)
applied with
Mac 210 Precise Eyeliner Brush

The one think I forgot to talk about last time was my eyebrows, I look completely different with out my eyebrows made up and feel really uncomfortable without them. I over-plucked many years ago as so many of us do and now they are really patchy but they are so important for framing the face I always make sure they are done.
I gave up using eyebrow pencils years ago after training to be a beautician, one of our classes was with a professional make-up artist and she taught us that a better effect is always achieved with power and a brush. It is less harsh, easier to apply and with a wider range of colours in shadow you can get one that is just right for you.
At the moment I am using the cute little palette from Clarins and while the brush inside is good I am stuck on my Ruby and Millie angled brush though as it's what I have always used

OPI - Merry Midnight

I was very excited when these came out and on asking my girls the decided that Merry Midnight was so "me" (you see I am a bit of a purple diva) that I should go for Dear Santa. Now Dear Santa I love, 2 coats and it is perfect, it lasts really well and the colour is so vibrant it just looks amazing. I loved it so much that the next day I had to have the Merry Midnight thinking it would be just as good.
Boy was I wrong! It was an absolute nightmare to apply, the colour of the jelly is very sheer and the glitter is very dense which means I had to do 4 coats just to get it to look like purple. Once it was on it was so bumpy I had to do a top coat just to try and even it out and then I decided I didn't like the colour. How could this be I mean it's purple and it's sparkly but it just wasn't doing it for me. It wasn't until I got it into a really strong light that it came to life the electric blue glitter shone through and the flakes made it look multi dimensional, I loved it!
Then I stepped out of the light and hated it. My first love/hate relationship with an OPI well we live we learn.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

devil makeup tutorial

A few years ago I was asked to by lots of people how I did the makeup for this shot. So I decided to write a tutorial which can me found on my flickr, enjoy.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Todays makeup

I do make up everyday for work and it never really comes out the same twice so I am going to try an post as many as I can on here. I have been told that sometimes I look so different from one day to the next that my customers do not recognise me.
I went with my standard base with my new face creams (more about that later)

Lancome Primordiale
Lancome Gentifique eye cream
Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation (040 creamy ivory)
this is my go to foundation at the moment it is almost a dupe of the MAC select. It goes on really well and really doesn't feel cakey, it's not quite as good coverage as they make it out to be but it is an excellent day foundation.
Benefit Erase Paste (no 1 fair)
I love this stuff it really helps to even out my under eyes which I am completely paranoid about. It is quite greasy but isn't cakey and doesn't crease.
Bourjois Mineral Radiance pressed powder (02 Vanille)
Bourjois Blush (48 cendre de rose brune)

My eyes are different most days depending on if I decide to put my lenses in or not and which lenses I decide to wear. Today I went for my green tinted lenses so purple seemed to be the order of the day.

Lancome eye shadow (colour du jour)
this is a very metallic plum/brown from the free gift I got the other day I wasn't expecting much so when it didn't go on very easily I wasn't suprised. I was however pleased with the colour and it actually lasted really well all day without creasing at all and even held up to a walk home from work in the rain.
Lancome Virtuose (Black Carat)
Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner (220 Perfect Plum)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Todays Mani

Had some time today to do a nice mani so I decided to try out my new China Glaze Fairy Dust top coat. The mani is 2 coats of OPI Passion with 2 of the Fairy Dust. It is quite difficult to capture how sparkly and holographic the glitter is but it looks really pretty.

Some collections

Here are some of my fav polishes you can get an idea of my colour tastes I like purples, neutrals, and sparkle the most with a few brights thrown in when I am in the mood.



Barry M


The eyes have it

I got some vouchers from my boss for getting them out of a tight spot so I decided to invest in some much needed new eye cream. I have been using Dr Nick Lowe which have to say hasn't really done anything for me.
So having a squiz round Debenhams I spotted Lancome. The reason I spotted Lancome is the main reason I end up making most of my beauty purchases THE FREE GIFT! Oh yes I am a sucker for the offer. You know, the buy 2 products get this crappy little kit that is full of samples you will never use and we would give you anyways if you asked. This offer was of the "spend over £x" variety and I had vouchers so I thought what the hell.

The eye cream I got was Genifique as it was the one suggested by the assistant after the infamous question "what are you major concerns?" to which I always want to answer EVERYTHING. You see I have dark circles but not too bad, sometimes my eyes are puffy, sometimes dry and I am getting wrinkles
So anyways the eye cream feels nice on if slightly hot when you apply it which is a bit weird I shall report back if it makes me look youthful fnar.

On to the all important freebies in the bag there was

A mini juicy tube (very sparkly)
small bottle of magnifique
Compact with eyeshadows in brown and plum hues
mini virtuose mascara
mini genifique serum
small pot of primoridale skin recharge moisturiser.

Very nice little haul for practically nothing Hurrah.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

OPI Addiction

Ok so I am writing a blog about my tragic nail polish addicition. I am going to start by listing the polishes I have begining with my all time fav OPI.

D.C. Cherry Blossom
Sweet Memories
Merry Midnight
Malaysian Mist
Japanese Rose Garden
Dulce De Leche
Disco Ball Sparkle
Dear Santa
Parlez-Vouse OPI
Done Out In Deco
Overexposed On South Beach
Suzi And The Life Guard
I Pink I Love You
Otherwise Engaged
At First Sight
Isn't It Romantic

I also have one shocking pink colour I got from work it has no label so I will post a picture and see if anyone can identify it.

I also love lots of other brands like China Glaze, Bourjois, Barry M, Revlon and Mavala. So I plan to take a picture and post every time I do my nails which is every couple of days and I will also keep you informed of my make up, jewellery and hair accessories too.