Thursday, 26 November 2009

OPI - Merry Midnight

I was very excited when these came out and on asking my girls the decided that Merry Midnight was so "me" (you see I am a bit of a purple diva) that I should go for Dear Santa. Now Dear Santa I love, 2 coats and it is perfect, it lasts really well and the colour is so vibrant it just looks amazing. I loved it so much that the next day I had to have the Merry Midnight thinking it would be just as good.
Boy was I wrong! It was an absolute nightmare to apply, the colour of the jelly is very sheer and the glitter is very dense which means I had to do 4 coats just to get it to look like purple. Once it was on it was so bumpy I had to do a top coat just to try and even it out and then I decided I didn't like the colour. How could this be I mean it's purple and it's sparkly but it just wasn't doing it for me. It wasn't until I got it into a really strong light that it came to life the electric blue glitter shone through and the flakes made it look multi dimensional, I loved it!
Then I stepped out of the light and hated it. My first love/hate relationship with an OPI well we live we learn.

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