Wednesday, 2 December 2009

No makeup day Hissyfit reveiw

I have a condition called Menieres disease which means from time to time I get dizzy. I get really bad spells of vertigo, lack co-ordination and find it hard to balance. This morning was one of those mornings which meant I didn't put on any makeup before going to work. This turned out to be ok because it gave me a chance to try the Hissy fit cream by Dr Lewins I have been wanting to. It's a combination of skincare, sunscreen and foundation or so it claims. The shade I tried was nude as even the light was too dark for me. What can I say it goes on like a suncream (it's quite gloopy) and gives a thin veil of coverage but not enough to look like a foundation. It is very shiny and did not compliment my combination skin but if it doesn't make me break out like I have heard it can do then I may buy it in the summer to use just for the sun.

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