Sunday, 3 January 2010

Whoops i'm in trouble - it's a long story so strap in.

Ok so as it was my last day off before returning to normality on Monday it was proclaimed to be "my day" today. So intending to spend the day in bed I asked the Hubby if he had any desires to venture into the outside world today. He said he would like to take a walk out to ASK at Tottenham Court Road and buy the TV stand speakers thing he had seen last week.
Fine thought I, so I got up and made breakfast (christmas cake and coffee) and off we trundled. We stopped by Charles Fox on the way so I could salivate at all the things I could only ever dream of using and we arrived at ASK (I stopped at Muji on the way also but that is a post for tomorrow). He bought the TV stand thingy and decided that after bartering it down to £275 we would take all 80kg of it home in a taxi.
We are to give the people an hour to box it up and then we could collect it so of course that meant more wandering round the shops we went to maplins, electronic shops and finally to Boots.
This is where I got told off.
He was happily shopping around for essentials like mouth wash, vitamins and the like when whilst looking for deoderant he had sent me to find when I happened upon the clearance section of doom. Now if you know boots at all you know this isn't like a sale section and you don't get them in larger stores this is normally the place where you find broken rusks, open tissues and suntan lotion in January.
But look what I found!!
Chanel lipstick that was reduced from £22.00 to £11.00
Benefit Sexy 10 bronzer and highlighter £11.25 - no idea how much this one should have been but it is discontinued now, you can't get it anymore as far as i'm aware.
No 17 eyeshadow pallet 75p - I think this was a GWP but still 75p!
Revlon 094 midnight affair nail polish £3.15
Loreal resist and shine nail polish no idea what colour £2.93
Purple is always a winner and I don't have a black eyeshahow.
Pretty can't wait to use this.

and who in their right mind could resist this Chanel red.

Now this is where I got into trouble, having sneaked these items into the basket we got to the till where he promptly went "£11 for lipstick" we had a brief fraught discussion about my make-up addiction and I promised I would try to get a handle on my problem.

So the posts in the next little while will be from my extensive collection not new purchases ;)

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  1. Ooooops haha, but to be fair them bargains just had to be bought. I never see anything like that, you lucky thing! hehe.