Thursday, 7 January 2010

Classic face project - Bourjois

So for a long time I have stuck to a classic face which I do when I am feeling uninspired. It is base, blush, winged liner, eyebrows, mascara and a neutral lip. I have a massive wealth of make-up based around this look and whilst looking through I found out that I could do my entire look using only Bourjois products.
This sent me on a bit of a quest to find out in all the products I have how many classic faces I can pull together using a single brand. Over the next few weeks I will be seeing what I have got in the old make-up bags and bringing you my reviews brand per brand including price.

So first off is Bourjois, one of my favourite brands the quality of the product is always excellent and they have a good range of new products constantly coming out. The products used were

10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation (shade 71) £8.99
Mineral Radiance Pressed Powder (shade 02 vanille) £8.99
Imperfection Concealer (shade 11 beige ivoire) £5.49
Blush (shade 48 cendre de rose brune) £6.99
Liner Feutre Felt Tip Liner (shade 11 noir) £5.99
Coup De Theatre 2 in 1 Mascara (shade 51 noir exceptionnel) £8.99
Effect 3D Max Lipgloss (shade 61 rose acidule) £7.99


all the prices are RRP but as you know you can always get products on offer.

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