Sunday, 24 January 2010

catching up - recent nails

OPI - DC Cherry Blossom, one of my all time favs. Goes on great and the colour is really intense this was only 2 coats.
Revlon - Midnight Affair, really nice and sparkly but a bit dark. It also chipped really quickly this photo was the morning after I had applied it and it was already chipping. Also did not play nicely with OPI rapid dry top coat and I got lots of bubbles.

OPI - Absolutely Alice - what can I say! just gorgeous goes on like a dream so very sparkly and very very blue. It does eat top coat though and boy when this chips it chips, it had it on for 4 days and I went to peel a price label from a box at work and pretty much the whole thumbnail came off at once lol.
I got all 4 of the Alice polishes so look out for more coming soon.

Nails Inc - Albert and Victoria, got this one free on the front of a magazine and I had totally forgotten how much I like Nails Inc polish this lasted really well this photo was taken after 5 days and as you can see it's only showing a smidge of tip wear.

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