Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Tiffany Keys Manicure

So for Christmas I was lucky enough to be bought a beautiful Tiffany key by my wonderful husband. like most things Tiffany I adore it and practically haven't taken it off since I got it.

It got me to thinking about the brand and inspired me to paint my nails with china glazes "for Audrey" which is one of the best polishes I own. Then like a sign from above something happened, I was spring cleaning (early I know but as soon as the calendar hits Jan 1st I am always compelled to clear out the clutter and throw loads of stuff away) and I came across some Andrea Fulerton nail sticker and I just had to add them.

Full look

For Audrey

Close up of key and chain detail, seriously how cute are these you can return me to Tiffanys any day :)

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  1. Lucky lucky girl! Those nails are too cute, cant believe you had key nail stickers to go with the polish!