Thursday, 6 January 2011

Red Lipstick Series - Chantecaille in Cerise

So this year I was extremely restraint and did hardly any sale shopping. One of the gems I did pick up though was This lipstick From Space NK. There you have it I am no longer a Space NK virgin and also I own my first Chantecaille (and probably the last judging by the prices), I can;t say its a brand that has called to me but I have heard people rave about it so I thought why not.
Also I am still working out my new Nex-5 camera so excuse the ropey photos.

Colour (3.5/5)

There is no other way to say it, this is a BOLD shade, in the red stakes it is not taking any prisoners. It is extremely pigmented and quite vampy and therefore could be harder to wear for some people and I found it made my skin look a little sallow but i'm never one to shy away from a bright shade and I actually quite like it. I also think it needs to be paired with a lighter lip pencil than the stain pen I am using for these reviews just to lift it a little.

Application (3.5/5)

This does glide on but you have to be careful other wise it will end up everywhere I found it a little bleedy and with this product less is definitely more you hardly need to apply any to get a very vivid colour. Applies really well from the tube and transfers really well when you do that lip smacking thing to even out the colour.

Ronseal factor (4.5/5)

heres what they say on the website

- Creamy color that’s startlingly intense and incredibly comfortable
- A special amino acid emollient creates a film impervious to water and oils
- Enriched with Vitamins A and C plus an SPF 6-8 for extra protection

I would have to say I agree with all of that it's amazingly creamy but I haven't tested it enough with foods or water, it did wipe off fairly easily when I removed it.

Wear (3.5/5)

The wear is really lovely did seem to last fairly well but the one thing I would say is I was very very aware I was wearing it. It has the feel of an old fashioned lipstick and I would be nervous about changing clothes or satining anything whilst I was wearing it.

Price (2/5)

Again i'm bringing you another astronomically priced lipstick I think these retail at around £26-£27 but of course I got it in the sale for a tenner. Where as I would say the Guerlain redeems itself a little with the actual tube, this is not that special nice, £15 nice perhaps but not £25.

Packaging (3.5/5)

Quite stylish plain silver tube with rounded edges, it does come with nice little pouch so you can chuck it in your handbag fuss free. I do like the tube and it does feel like quality but there is nothing outstanding about it.

How it left the lips (4/5)

This is very softening, it's a really creamy formula which is very pigmented so there was a little staining left on the lips but it is not drying at all. This would be a great lipstick to use the dabbing on the colour with your fingers technique.

overall 24.5/35 thats not a bad score all considered it is a nice lipstick and really evokes the glamour of a time gone by but I am not sure I would pay full price for it.

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