Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Red lipstick Series - Revlon Matte 006 Really Red

Next in my series on red lips is the Revlon Matte in 006 Really Red.

Colour (3/5)
Despite this being called "Really Red" it does have a subtle hint of orange to it. To me it is a very vintage colour and the matte finish lends to that. It is a very easy colour to wear and is far less vampy for the summer months more of a pin up red I would say that would suit most skin tones.

Application (2/5)
It's matte so it is always going to be more of a challenge to apply. It applies quite nicely from the tube though with minimal brush work needed for the edges but it is very draggy and needed a lot of lip smooshing action for it to feel even. It does feel soft on the lips though quite feathery and light and not heavy like you might expect.

Ronseal Factor (2.5/5)
"Revlon Matte Lipstick gives suede -like application and maximum colour with on trend shades, that glide effortlessly accross lips depositing rich, beautiful, matte colour."
Suede-like well yes I will give them that and the colour pay off is quite good although I would say it is more soft that rich, think rose petals. It is not as bad as some matte lipsticks I have tried but it does not "glide effortlessly.

Wear (4/5)
This is a beauty stays put for ages and hardly needs touching up.

Price (3/5)
£7.29 is the RRP which is quite pricey for a drugstore brand even if it is Revlon, I would say it is worth about £6 no more than that.

Packaging (3/5)

Bog standard black tube with a slightly metally feel to the plastic which I do like and I like the little window in the top so you can see the colour is a cute touch. What I would also say about this packaging is that it deflects heat quite well so the lipstick doesn't get squishy after you have carried it around in your pocket for a bit.

How it left the lips. (2/5)
Dry, dry and more dry. I guess it is the matte that robs your lips of all their moisture which I quite sad.

Overall 19.5 out of 35 - I expected this to score higher as I do really love this lipstick and wear it often.

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