Monday, 21 June 2010

Red Lipstick Series - Collection 2000, Volume Sensation, 3 Ruby Red

It has come to my attention that I have a fair few "red" lipsticks so I figured I would start a little series to let you see all the different ones I have, how they differ and which are my favourites. I am going to rate them (out of 5) on a few different categories. Colour, Application, Ronseal Factor, Wear, Price, Packaging How does it leave the Lips. In the interest of fairness my lips will be lined each time with Stila lip stain in smooch and the colour applied from the tube and evened with a brush.

First up - Collection 2000 Volume Sensation - 3 Ruby Red

Colour (5/5)
Great colour as it say a very true Ruby Red perhaps looks a smidge darker in the tube than it does on the lips but that isn't a bad thing it's a glossy finish and it does seem to pick up on the yellow tones in the skin so I wouldn't be recommending it if you tend to be on the sallow side but still probably one of the truest reds I have used.

Application. (3/5)
Glides on nice and easily with no dragging although the shape isn't the best for precise application and there is no way I would attempt this one without a liner and brush, it does show up every little flaw on the lips so make sure you exfoliate well before application.

Ronseal Factor (does it do what it says on the tin) (4/5)
"We love it because it contains up to 40% volumising ingrediants!"
ok despite the fact they can't spell look at my lips, if you have seen my blog you know I have quite small thin lips so any help I can get is appreciated. It does have that tell tale tingle but it also feels great I couldn't stop smacking my lips and pouting mwah!

Wear (2/5)
Doesn't last very long this one you do need to keep re-applying but then maybe I just smack my lips too much when I am wearing this one.

Price (5/5)
£2.99 - well what more can you say, Bargin! Great value for money and boots/superdrug/collection 2000 are always giving away freebies with this brand or offering 3 for 2s.

Packaging (2.5/5)
Inconspicuous black tube with pink swirl on the top, nice satisfying click to the lid. Again, quality for the money spent I have bought some very pricey products with worse packaging than this.

How it left the lips (3/5)
Not too bad really, comes off quite nicely with no staining when removed with makeup remover and the lips still feel quite nice and soft.

Overall 24.5 out of 35 - not a bad bench mark. Another one coming up tomorrow.

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