Sunday, 6 June 2010

Recent nail roundup

Time for a run down on the colours I have been wearing the last couple of weeks and it has been quite a mixed bag.

Bourjois - 17 Noir de Chine

I have had this a couple of year it was a special edition I think with some reds that I also have, when I first got it it was lovely, as most bourjois polishes are but over time had dried out quite a bit which I find is another common problem with their ranges. A little OPI thinners made it just about fluid again to use but it was a struggle. Lovely shiny black though that is opaque in one coat.

Barry M - Berry Ice Cream

Ok so people have raved about this already so I won't go on about it too much but I can say I was dubious after the failure of Lucky Lucky Lavender, I am also not loving the light purple I have coming up later on. I am pleased to say I am pleasantly surprised with this though because whilst being a pastel shade it still has enough pop to it to compliment my skin tone. Application was fantastic and there was virtually no shrinkage from the Seche Vite. I lasted really well too which makes this an instant fave.

H&M - Goddess On Stage

Be still my beating heart, how much do I love this polish! If you can't bring yourself to splash out on Nars Purple Rain or Illamasqua Baptiste then this is the polish for you, deep and shimmery and very very Cadburys purple. The application was phenomenal for such a cheap polish (£3 I think) and it lasted and lasted this photo was taken on day 3 after lots of typing and generally bashing my nails off anything they came into contact with. Only problem is that it is more of a winter colour than a summer one and doesn't go with much that I am wearing right now but I can't wait for the right time to wear it again.

Nails Inc - London (free with diet coke)

Another free Nails Inc polish, I think it's an evil plan to get us all addicted to their product and I guess it is working as I like this one too. Yet another greige but you really can't go wrong with them on pale skin, I won't bore you with application and wear time because you know the drill, I will say this is very similar the the Mink given away by InStyle but up close the are quite different Mink is pinker and dark than London. The only bad thing about it was that it seemed to pick up some weird staining from somewhere no idea what that is all about.

OPI by Sephora - Metro Chic

Another cult greige, I have been after getting my clammy little paws on this for a while so when the lovely Jo from Music and Make up asked me if there was anything I wanted brought back from her trip stateside this was at the top of the list (along with the tokidoki make up which I will review at some point). Quite a dark one this one but man it is lovely, you can't see it from these photos but it is actually subtly purple. The shinkage you are seeing on the thumb is only because my Seche Vite was getting old and the coat went on too thick. I can see why people like this so much as it is very easy to apply and even easier to wear. I shall have to get a bundle box at some point so I can get some more of these polishes over from the states. Or you know Sephora could open a London store, just saying ;)

Nails Inc - Paris (free with diet coke)

Not really my kind of purple but once it was on I loved it, just as good as the other I have tried recently and I think this would look great with a bit of a tan or on toe nails. This one did suffer a bit of tip wear but still outstanding.

No7 - Decades Collection Mai Dress

Not like the swatch on the website at all. Another lilac that looks unfortunate on me with a lovely tippex like quality too it, it was also thick, gloopy, bubbly and an all round nightmare to apply. Some may love this I hated it the 70's obviously are not my decade and the whole thing was like one bad trip!

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