Thursday, 17 June 2010

Review - Tokidoki Perfetto liquid eyeliner in Carina

So another part of my goodies from the US was some of the new Tokidoki make-up range, I normally wear liquid eye liner in all it's forms and I recently started experimenting with colour so Carina was very much my first choice.

The pen - ok so this very much has a magic marker vibe to it, it rattles when you shake it which is quite satisfying, it has a very chiselled nib to it which helps you achieve the thickness you require from your line and a really good click on cap which I would think means it will not dry out like some of the other felt pen liners I have had.

The colour - I like it, its quite muted which is nice because it makes it very easy to wear and it also makes my eyes look a little bluer than they are. You can easily wear this as a daytime look or team it with some contrasting shadow for a glam evening look.

Consistency - it's a strange one, it's quite thin but also quite pigmented. You need to build the colour to get a nice even and bold line (I need to work on this a bit more) but it is fairly easy to work with on a naked eyelid I shall have to try it over shadow next time to see if it is easier to get right.

Wear - ok this stuff is bombproof, seriously it does not come off until you want it to. Think of it more akin to a stain so it does flake like some liquid eyeliners can do on some of us oily ladies (I know some of you girls out there know what I am talking about) and this is the only liner that I have been able to use on my waterline that hasn't ended up either running down my face or in a gooey ball in the corner of my eye.

All in all I am quite impressed thought the colour might have been a bit punchier but it works well and I will enjoy experimenting with this one.

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