Wednesday, 26 May 2010

hair dying - how do you do yours?

So tonight is hair dying night at kitty central and it got me to thinking about all the different ways to dye your hair. I am quite handy at dying my naturally blonde locks and even spent time as a colourist at a very small salon. Having been pretty much every colour out there I could never quite seem to justify the price of getting it done in a salon. I was going to treat myself for my wedding last year but in the end I was so scared they would mess it up I stuck to what I knew best.
I have been dying it black (it goes with everything) for about 7 years now and I have been using nice n' easy 122 natural black for most of that time I have dabbled with a couple of other recently without much success. The best thing about nice n' easy is that you put it onto dry hair which for me is great because it makes it far easier to work with and a lot less drippy, it also takes fairly well on my very resilient hair.
Chemicals are never something that has bothered me but there are a lot of chemical free brands out there now which offer a great choice of colours.
So what do you do?
salon or home?
natural or chemical?
highlights, henna or have you never altered your colour?
I would love to know!

45 minutes of thumb twiddly, head itchy goodness.

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