Sunday, 16 May 2010

more freebies

Natural light
Ok so here we go with another round of freebies from Boots they really know how to push product there and feed a habit, This is Milan from their diet coke promotion. it is a lovely blood red and I have to say it applied a damn site better than the InStyle mink I tried last week. It still gives the same great colour pay off and the staying power on this baby is incredible, these photos were taken at the end of day 3 as you can see no chips and only the tiniest amount of tip wear. As reds go this a very true red unlike a lot of have tried at the moment which seems to have a distinct orange tone to them and it will become one of my go to reds. I have to say that Nails Inc reds seem to win hands down over any of their other shades but I am looking forward to trying out the Paris shade later this week.
With flash

Next up is one of the two No7 eyeshadow shades you get in the free gift, which is really easy to get with the till spits. It is called Mink and is a lovely neutral shade with an amazing shimmer to it, it is not as frosty or shimmery as say an Urban Decay shade but this does mean that you don't get any fallout. I went with it as a single shade so I don't know how well it will blend with other shades but it did blend over he entire eyelid really nicely. I might even looks for this in the full size if I ever run out of the sample size.

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