Sunday, 15 May 2011

This was my week

So I have had a fairly alarming week, I was all set to give you a review on the newish Loreal infallible eye shadow in No15 Flashback Silver and then my day took a weird twist. I am was sat at my computer when all of a sudden I was seeing spots (just like someone had taken a flash photo of me). As I tried to concentrate on the screen I became aware that massive chunks of my field of vision were missing. At this point I started to worry and asked my friend and another of the company first aiders for advice. We agreed that I should switch off my monitor and and relax my eyes for a little while but within 5 minutes I had lost sight entirely in my left eye and the pharmacist (I work in a pharmacy) was called.
Long story short I had an Acephalgic Migraine which means you only get the visual symptoms. in the three and a half hours I was at the eye hospital, Western eye hospital are great by the way, my vision was starting to come back and I was sent home.
My lovely husband however did not tell me I had travelled home looking like this!

Massive pupils and eyes stained with fluorescein, the eyeshadow is lovely and did last really well and the colour os more lilac than silver. I will try to give it a full review soon.

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