Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Recent OPI acquisitions

I know I am really behind in posting this as we have had a fair bit going on in the kitty household of late. Anyhoos lets crack on!

I posted Absolutely Alice and I have to say it is one of the best polishes I have ever worn. I thought after putting it on I would never take it off, I fell in love with it instantly. That was of course until I tried the rest of the collection.

I just had to try Mad As a Hatter next and my love for it is on a par with Absolutely Alice although I have to say that although this polish is about as bling as you can get it is actually very subtle and because it contains all the colours of the rainbow does go with anything. I got so many comments on this and I cannot wait to wear this again.

under halogen lights (no natural light when I took this)

with flash

Next up was Off With Her Red. I have quite a few reds in my collection as I find red nails and red lips a classic look that if in doubt I always turn too. The application of this was superb and I would say it is the best red creme varnish I have ever used. I will be applying this one again for Valentines/Chinese New Year.

Natural light

with flash

Last of the bunch is Thank You So Muchness. Again another red which is slightly more pink and has a slight shimmer. My least favourite of the set but still up there with my favourite polishes it went on well and lasted for ages.

with flash

natural light

The next collection I succumbed too as you know was the Hong Kong collection ( I should know better than to walk through Selfridges)

I picked my 3 favourite colours from the collection as I posted last week and it has been a bit hit and miss.

Ok so as you know I looooooved Jade is the new Black I didn't have a green in my collection and this a very unique shade not for everyone. It applied fantastically just like Off With Her Red (OPI cremes really do rock) and I got so many comments on it that people were mad at me when I told them our store didn't sell it (we sell OPI).

with flash

natural light

Next up to try, as picked by the hubby, was Lucky Lucky Lavender. Or not so lucky lavender as it should be for me, application was a little meh I needed quite a few coats to get it looking solid and I was fairly dismayed to find out that the colour just doesn't really suit me. I shall experiment with this one though as I think I may Konad over it or use the China Glaze Fairy Dust over it.

with flash (ick)

Lastly Meet Me On The Star Ferry. As I was only just on the Star Ferry back in October I wondered about this colour as I couldn't get it to connect with the name (star ferries are green and white) but as soon as I applied it it just clicked. It is like looking at Hong Kong Island at night from the Star Ferry, misty and twinkly with lots f tiny little dots of light. This has a very subtle shimmer of green and red. I really like this it is fairy old fashioned looking as nail polish goes but in a good way.

with flash

house lights

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  1. WOW, beautiful!
    I don't have the last three.
    I will be following your blog.