Sunday, 7 February 2010

let me tell you about ...

A few of my favourite things.

You may notice as time goes on in my post I have a few themes that will crop up as I am fairly fanatical about a good few things so I am going to try and give you a top 10 of my favourite things and I will expand on it in the near future.

1. Japan - I love anything Japanese, the art and the culture appeals to me. My main fixations are Geisha, Cosplay, robots, movies (their horror is awesome), kokeshi, tattoos and all the kawaii things they have there lets not forget the closest thing I have to a deity - Hello Kitty. I loved it when I went and can't wait to go back.

2. Butterflies and Dragonflies - I am not sure why but I have always had a fascination for these little blighters mostly because they seem otherworldly to me. Kind of as close to a real fairy as your going to get.

3. Jewellery - I love sparkly things what can I say I'm a magpie. Tiffany & co is my all time favourite and I am lucky enough to have a few of their pieces but I also love Accessorize. I tend to go mostly for silver (not a gold fan) and I love semi precious stones and crystals.

4. Disney - I just love their movies. My favourite characters are Tinkerbell and Tigger and I absolutely love anything to do with Alice in Wonderland (how excited am I about the new movie). I think my favourite movies though are actually Lilo and Stitch, Finding Nemo and Wall.E.

5. Hairbands - god love it my hair is so long that sometimes I struggle to do anything with it therefor hairbands come in extremely useful, I have promised to post photos of my collection and I will.

6. Movies - I am a massive film buff and tend to watch about 3 a week at home and one at the cinema. I like world cinema very much especially asian movies and anime but I tend to watch pretty much everything.

7. Fantasy - I love anything like this Mermaids, Vampire, Fairies, Ghosts and Dragons. I like to believe in things that are not visible to the naked eye I like to think they are there pulling the strings.

8.Animals - Cats, Dogs, Otters, Red Pandas, Fish, Squirrels 'nuff said.

9. Chocolate - yum!

10. Photography - I like taking pictures and I like looking at them. There is something about capturing a moment in time that is just priceless and also something about setting up a shot so it will look just they way you picture it in your head.

So there you go that is a summary of me now I look back in it i see its pretty girly but hey thats what I love.

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