Monday, 29 March 2010

L'oreal - 180 purple obsession

If ever a coloured was named for me then this is it, I was over at the L'oreal website the other day checking out what the fuss about youth code was when I spotted a gorgeous promotional shot of the beautiful Evangeline Lilly sporting some intense blue/purple eyes.

That's it I though I HAVE to have that colour, so off I trotted to Boots and looked for the colour (180 purple obsession) I picked it up and though hang on that can't be right this is most definitely a pink/purple. As I turned it in the light I could See it was shot through with a slight blue tinge but not what I was expecting.
In reality this is a far more accurate shot of the shade.
(sorry about the tiny picture)
This is my take on the look and boy does this stuff have some staying power I really like the look and might grab some more colours from the range sometime soon.

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