Tuesday, 20 April 2010

some recent nails

So here I am again with the nails I've been rocking this past week starting with the most recent. Some good, some bad and some classics, Enjoy!

OK so this was in my set from the fragrance direct haul its a ciate paint pot from back when they were round bottles, the colour is called Jennifer and it's a pinky purple colour. The application and formula to this (as with the Marilyn from the same set) were outstanding, the polish is lovely and fluid and you only need 2 coats (you could get away with one if you were careful) I love the colour of this as it is unlike anything I have already I would class it as a bright but somehow it is not in your face bright and you can easily get away with this if you have a conservative job/dress code. My only struggle with this again was the shrinkage and tip wear, as soon as the Seche Vite is applied then it starts to shrink and after only 2 days you have about 3mm of tip wear. It does not chip or dull and tip wear is not something that overly bothers me it is just a crying shame for such a nice polish.

On to the next from the brand alley haul, this is OPI play till midnight and it is my second OPI that I am not impressed with (first being Lincoln park matte) I wanted to love this so much it an inky blurple with fushia and lilac micro glitter, sounds great right. Wrong! this polish is so thin the application is a nightmare, it takes multiple coats to build any colour and it floods the cuticle. I am not big on clean up as you may have noticed to if a polish proves problematic I will not use it. The finished product was fairly nice more dusty on the nail than the vibrant colour you see in the bottle but not completely hideous. It suffered tip wear really badly which I think stems from it being so thin.
Oh well can't win em all.

An in complete contrast we have Dulce De Leche from OPI. this is another one of my go to polishes when I can't decide what to wear or need to look sophisticated ( I had a VIP customer on Tuesday so needed to look my best). It is a taupey creme and it just goes with everything, it is just a shade dark enough to avoid giving me the horrid mannequin hands look that I don't like and the application is perfect and also very forgiving around the cuticles allowing you so look polished to perfection, I have to say that this is one I will be buying a back up bottle of.

And finally we have the Carlo Di Roma PURE Cosmetics polish in Bright Blue (sale haul from a while ago coming up later in the week). Now you know me, I am not one to shy away from colour and Bright Blue is certainly an accurate description of this colour. I have worn all sorts to my job (mad as a hatter, for audrey, disco ball sparkle and d.c cherry blossom) and never given it a second thought but this one was just so bright I felt self conscious of it all day. The application was nice but the frosty shimmer seen in the bottle didn't come through on the nail at which was a disappointment. If I had paid full price for this I would have regretted it but at the price I paid it is an OK polish just not sure when I would wear it.

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