Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Let me tell you about ...

.......Boots, so I was a little early for work this morning and I decided to have a mooch round Boots. My normal haunt is the Sedley Place branch on Oxford Street so I know it pretty well, imagine my delight when I walked in this morning to find the cosmetics department totally rearranged. It looks like it must have happened recently as the assistants were still putting out product and there were lots of new stands. So in comes Models Own, Une (the new natural range from Bourjois), My Face and Barry M. Bourjois and MaxFactor have massive new stands (whole bays to themselves) and all the usual suspects are still around. The only sad loss is Pure although the stand remains with only 2 products on it, hopefully they will have something equally new an exciting to put here like Sleek.

But Wait! That's not the best bit

So I turn around and there it is in all it's promotion stand goodness, I swear I heard angels singing and did that thing they do in films where the float across the room without moving their legs.

incase you didn't get that i'll repeat it for you

All you have to do is buy 2 bottles and you get to pick one of 4 polishes (London, Paris, New York and Milan) I drink diet coke everyday anyway so I did what any nail junkie would and bought 6 bottles so now I am the proud owner of London. Paris and Milan. I didn't like New York as I have recently gone off bright pinks.

All this and a NO7 till spit £5 too so if you haven't been to Boots recently get thee to your nearest one pronto.

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