Sunday, 9 May 2010

Daniel Sandler blush

After the seeing the beautiful Charlottes post over at Lipglossiping
(one of my favourite blogs btw so check it out) about Daniel Sandlers watercolour blushes I was intrigued enough to order the sample set and try them out. Luckily when I got mine they were still fluid so I could use them straight away. This is my favourite of the bunch its called Life and it would happen to be a limited edition - doh! Anyways, this went on great over the Bourjois mineral matte mousse and it is one of the first blushes I have tried that really does stay put all day, I also got loads of comments on how fresh I looked even though I had no sleep and felt quite rough. It really does give you a perfect healthy flush and so easy to apply you need only the tiniest of amounts.

First thing in the morning in natural light
And no lie below is 12 hours later and I haven't touched up my makeup once!

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