Friday, 7 May 2010

PURE cosmetics

I guess this post is a little redundant now the brand is discontinued but you can still pick it up on places like ASOS so if you get the chance I would recommend it. Anyways I got this haul ages ago and it was at super knock down prices, we are talking about £1 per item here, so I thought it was worth a go.
I had seen this brand in Boots and really liked the packaging and colours but always felt that it was a little expensive which is why I never picked it up before. I ravaged the stand and here is what I got.

shadow duos in smokey and emerald
high coverage lip gloss in angels wings
the black Kohl liner
nails polishes in bright blue and bright pink
diamond lip gloss

the first thing I tried was the blue nail polish and I have to say the formulation was great but I think this is the only shade I have ever found too bright for me but like I say formulation and wear time was fantastic.

bright blue

Next I tried the lip gloss, the fact it said it was high coverage apealled to me as I have quite pigmented lips so nudes don't tend to show up to well on me. This was lovely shimmery and did blank out my natural pinkness.

angel wings

The eyeshadows I have to say are amazing, buttery, blendable, shimmery and very highly pigmented. I used these with UDPP and the went all day without creasing or moving but I did get the tiniest amount of fallout from the green.



I haven't tried the kohl yet and the pink polish and crystal lip gloss are going into me 100th post give away which should be coming up sometime soon so stay tuned for that!

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