Thursday, 6 May 2010

Yellow stained nails

As any good polish addict knows that a good base coat is essential to stop your talons turning a lovely shade of mustard. No matter how many different base coats I have tried I still do a get a tinge to my nails and it doesn't bother me too much through the winter months as I am a fan of darker shades. After a polish mishap this weekend (No7 speed dry doesn't like OPI start to finish) I went without any polish for the first time in what must be about 2 years. This prompted hubby to exclaim "whats wrong with your nails!" I explained to him that it was staining from the nail polish and we both decided it looked gross and I should do something about it.
So off to Sallys I trundled and bought a kit of the trusty Bubble White I have used on and off over the years and I also got some Nail Bright peroxide gel and embarked on a bank holiday weekend of no polish :(
I was to ashamed to show you what they were like to begin with so I will start half way through. This is after one 5 minute soak in the bubble white and one go at the peroxide gel.
This was after a second day of peroxide gel and another 5 minute soak in the bubble white, I also finished by buffing out the worst and the stains with a 4 way buffer and now have nice natural nails again

now where did I put that nice dark purple OPI........

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