Saturday, 31 July 2010

recent nail roundup

Apologies again for the lack of updates, no excuses I have just been tired and lazy. I am back though and we are getting ever closer to the magic 100th post in which I am doing a lovely give away for my subscribers. It has OPI, Urban Decay, Incoco and loads of other stuff.
So lets move on to the recent nails round up, not much to show you really as I have been wearing a lot of old favs recently but hopefully you will like what I do have.

This is the green from the H&M set in the last post, it actually applied really well and lasted not too bad, a bit if tip wear and shrinkage from the Seche Vitte but nothing major. The colour pay off was nice very pigmented and done in 2 coats. It also had a really nice shimmer but is a bit of a nothing green and doesn't really wow me.
Normal light
with flash

Next up is another magazine freebie (I can't tell you how much I love these) This was on the front of Tatler this month and is one of 6 mini Essie polishes they have available. I picked this up in the Tesco at Picadilly Circus and was one of the only magazines left with the polish still left on it, the rest had been ripped open and the polish removed, I mean seriously how lame do you have to be to steal free polish from the front of a magazine but anyways. This is Flower Girl and is a very pale very sheer pink with a green shimmer in it which is impossible to capture with the camera. I am not much for sheers but it is a very pretty shade and easy to wear this was however 4 coats but the application was nice even from such a tiny brush.
with flash close up trying to catch the shimmer.
with flash
natural light

Another from the H&M set this is neon purple (neon? really?) the shade is actually quite muted and a rally nice mid tone dusty purple. Same application and wear as the first one I showed in this post and again a bit of a nothing shade, perhaps I am so lucky to own so many outstanding polished that my expectations are now way too high.
natural light

Now on to my disaster of the week. this is fiesta by accessorize and it is a mess of a nail polish. looks great in the bottle but is extremely un pigmented, very runny and the pigmentation isn't even stable in the polish and tends to pool in to dark and light patches, weird. The wear was also terrible and it started to get tip wear within a matter of hours. Epic Fail! (pretty colour though)
with flash

natural light

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  1. Gorgeous colours :)
    Just came across your blog and I love it !!
    - Beth x