Sunday, 18 July 2010

H&M - Small nail polish haul

So in a fit of boredom and frustration on Friday lunchtime I wandered into H&M, I have 2 of their nail polishes already so I am aware the quality is fairly good. I could not believe the price of these polishes in the summer nails sets. £1.99 for 4 polishes!!!!! O.K so each polish is only 3.2ml but at 50p a bottle who can argue (Mavala bottles run at £3.75 for 5ml and the OPI mini sets are 3.75ml for £12.99)
There are 2 sets a normal (white, green, purple and blue) and a neon (yellow, orange, pink and purple) and I look forward to swatching them.

The other one I picked up was another hello kitty branded polish called cool summer and is a pink toned purple with tiny blue and lilac glitter in it, very me so look out for this one coming up too.

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