Sunday, 11 July 2010

Red Lipstick Series - Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon No1

Hullo sorry about the lack of updates but it has been way too hot to even think about make-up and I have been having a little bit of down time. I have another nail roundup to post later today but for now lets crack on with another from my ever expanding red lipstick collection.
Today I'm bringing you Barry M and this is one of their fairly new Lip Lacquer Crayons in N01.

Colour (2/5)
No1 is not very descriptive now is it, I would say it is a very shimmery cherry red with some of the shimmer being gold. It sounds lovely and the shimmer puts it in the same family as the Chanel it just really lacks punch. I mean it's fine but it is just neither here nor there.

Application (2.5/5)
The crayon like stick means you can sharpen this up to a nice point so you wouldn't have to use a liner and you can be fairly precise it is quite melty though (it is a very hot day perhaps best kept in the fridge) so can get a little messy and gunky, no ned for a lip brush though you may want to use one to make sure it gets into all the little wrinkles on the lips because it is very thick.

Ronseal Factor (3/5)
These intense glossy crayons glide on to lips to give a high shine lacquered finish. The smooth and silky application provides maximum comfort while the bright and bold colours give a glamorous finish.
They are crayons, they actually do glide on fairly well no dragging although they are more shimmery than shiny if that makes sense. The colours are not bold though well not the one I tried and they are definitely not silky they are actually quite sticky.

Wear (4/5)
Because this is so thick and sticky it really does stay put for a very very long time, I don't find the sensation of it on my lips very pleasant infact I find it a little suffocating.

Price (3/5)
So this is £4.95 which is reasonable for a drug store brand. I want to say it's cheap but really I think it comes in at about right for the quality and these are nearly always on an offer of some kind so you will pick it up cheaper than RRP.

Packaging (2/5)
Pencils for some products are always going to loose point with me, lipsticks are not really suitable because you need to sharpen then to get a decent application but in doing that you lose a fair amount of product. Some things lend themselves really well to the fat crayon format like the benefit products but this just doesn't work as well as it should. Having said that though it is a very pretty crayon with nice design and detailing.

How it left the lips (1/5)
This left my lips in a bad way, it is very very drying and on me it tends to form into what can only be described as scales. It is also quite difficult to remove and extremely sticky.

Overall 17.5 out of 35, oh dear out lowest score so far. I really do love Barry M products their dazzle dust and nail polishes rock but this just doesn't do it for me.

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