Sunday, 21 February 2010

Let me tell you about ...

Make up.

I buy too much make up.
I tried to explain this to the hubby earlier this week and I couldn't quite sum it up properly, is it a problem? an addiction, hobby, interest, compulsion or obsession? I couldn't quite define why I needed to buy so much or why it makes me feel so happy. For me cosmetics are art and it is all about working with new colours, textures and techniques, It's about finding out how you can change your image or the way people see you with the colour of your lips (people really do treat you differently when you have ruby red lips) and the freedom of being able to be creative.

I guess where I am going with this is that I am starting the 10 pan project with it being a means to an end
1. to try and decrease some of my extensive makeup collection
2. to use the money saved to train as a make up artist.

I have not decided on which products are going to be my first 10 yet but I will have a look today and post the pictures later. Wish me luck.

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