Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nails of this week and last week.

Mavala - Black Velvet
black with a purple shimmer, as a long time fan of these polishes I have always liked their purples (tokyo is an awesome colour) this is more of a black than a purple. It looks a lot more purple and a lot more shimmery in the bottle but I do still really like it, it applied fantastically and was solid after only 2 coats. I only wish that it was a little more like it was on the bottle and I do wish Mavala would do bigger bottles because this was a challenge to go back to after using China Glaze and OPI for so long.
Natural Light
Natural light with flash

Urban Decay - Asphyxia
I got this as part of a small haul from Fragrance Direct I have never used urban decay polishes before so I was a little dubious but at £1.50 a bottle I thought it would be worth a go. I really like all of their other products and I have to say this really lived up to their fantastic standard. This was 3 coats but it went on like a dream and dried very quickly, the colour is so hard to describe it is like a lilac purple with and electric blue flash of shimmer when it hits the light. It looks very delicate on and looks like it should be a sheer but you can't see any nail through it and I think you could still get away with it on heavily stained nails. I have to say I was very slap dash applying it at the end of a long hard day and it just doesn't show at all. This even got a compliment from the hubby so it must be nice ;)
Halogen light (really doesn't do the shimmer justice)
Wuth flash

OPI - Lucky Lucky Lavender
China Glaze - Fairy dust
In my quest to try and love Lucky Lucky Lavender on me as much a I do in the bottle I resorted to trying the Fairy dust top coat over it. It looks kinda pretty but still does not work for me, I guess I will have to chalk this one up to experience as I normally love everything from OPI.

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