Monday, 1 March 2010

Review - Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

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So as you know I am always searching for that perfect foundation and I am a sucker for "budget" brands with Bourjois being my favourite. So I was excited to give the Healthy Mix range a trial run, it seems like a dupe for the new Clarins Everlasting Foundation which I loved. Both products boast to improve the radiance of the skin with Bourjois using natural extracts.

Apricot for Radiance
Melon for Hydration
Apple as an Antioxidant
Ginger for Energy

I as always picked the lightest shade (51 Vanille Clair) and when I first applied it I actually though it was perhaps a little grey and I wasn't that impressed but I did like the way it set on my skin and it lasted really well. I have been using this on and off now for a few weeks and I really really like it, it layers up really well and the shade is perfect for me. I also have to report that I think my skin does look better it gives you that dewey glow with out ever looking shiny. I am also in love with the concealer in the range and it too has the fruity extracts

Apricot for Radiance
Raspberry for Micro-Circulation
Melon for hyradtion

Again I got the lightest (51 Eclat Clair) and this is the most pigmented concealer I have ever used, it is very very similar to the Dermablend concealer but without the drying cakeyness. You need such a tiny, and we are talking pinhead here, amount that the generous tube will last you years. It is great for the under eye area but it is also good for a tiny little scar I have on my chin and is actually the only thing I have ever used that has covered it, stay put and not looked like a weird blob of colour on my skin.

If you haven't already tried this DO IT NOW!

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  1. Your skin looks beautiful, think I may have to try this foundation hehe :)

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