Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nails of this week

Again I'm rocking the Mavala Mystic collection and I have to say I am still a little disappointed that they are not as intense as they are in the bottle and do look just like black from a distance. Having said that again these two were completely opaque in 2 coats and applied beautifully but did supper the dreaded tip wear very very quickly. Surprisingly I think my favourite of the 3 I have is actually the Cedar Green which is strange for me as I am a purple girl at heart but the purple just didn't do it for me unfortunately.

See what you think

Cedar Green with flash
Cedar Green natural light

Black Cherry with flash
Black Cherry natural light

The other nails I tried this week were a first for me, in my little haul from Fragrance Direct I got a Ciate gift set with 3 colours, file and corrector pen. this is the colour Marilyn and I love it, pretty much a dupe for cherries in the snow but a little bit brighter I think. It applied really well but took 3 coats for me to be happy with it. I applied my coat a Seche Vite and it looked prefect but then in the next hour the horror unfolded. Check out the shrinkage (click picture to make it bigger) it looks like I have had it on for a week. It did last it really well no chips or anything but I will have to try this one again with a different top coat I think. I do however have it on my toes and it looks fab!

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  1. I found exactly the same things with the Mavala. I have the purples and they are nice, but wintery and dark.

    Seche Vite is notoriously bad for shrinking polish, especially if you use a thick coat over a Big-3-free polish, which I think Ciate is.