Thursday, 4 March 2010

Kittys adventures in wonderland

Ok so today I did what I have been threatening to do since before I got married in October, I had my bum length hair chopped to shoulder length (eeekkkk). I was extremely nervous and have chicken out many times but I was feeling fierce and decided today was the day, I picked the Super Cuts on Maddox Street as I have always had excellent service there and I also refuse to pay an arm and a leg for a haircut. Picking Maddox street was of course in no way random as I decided to swing by the Alice pop up shop set up by Claire's Accessories to celebrate the launch of the movie, I had no idea what to expect as I had not seen any reviews of it only that I was aware that it was there.
I was greeted by a very lovely butler (in a tux and everything!) on arriving who opened the door for me and welcomed me to Wonderland. The entrance is like a long tunnel made of white branches and twinkling fairy lights with a zillion trinkets and butterflies hanging off them, past this is the tea party table and a collection of doors decorated with playing cards. I was asked by the assistant to pick a key from the giant teacup on the table and see if I could unlock one of the doors. There were so many doors I didn't know what to pick but went for the one with the ace of hearts on, my key worked and the door swung open revealing a glowing green box surrounded by lots of chiffon, the assistant told me to put my hand in and pick a prize. I could feel tonnes of things in the box and pulled out the cutest tartan bow headband SQEEEEE!
She asked me to write in the guest book and help myself to refreshments (eat me cupcakes and drink me drinks) and said I could take as many photos as I liked.
Of course all of the trinkets in the shop are available to buy and the have some really cute things, check out the pics!

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